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Renegade Inc

This is an excellent show on today’s economy … and quite a bit more.

We are in a bubble. Many proclaim you cannot tell when you are IN a bubble. Only after it bursts will you know you were. Mitch Feierstein disagrees and in this show explains his position quite well. Ross Ashcroft is an excellent host, respectful, knowledgeable and articulate.

They also touch on finding facts in an era of consolidated media’s falsehoods, the coup to destroy the Trump regime. and on the deep state. They underestimate and, therefore understate those who are running the global shadow government. But that broadens their appeal, and is a baby-steps, walk-before-you-run approach that can reach those not ready for the full picture.

When everyone is thinking the same thing it’s likely no-one is really thinking. Stock markets today are at all time highs, housing markets globally are in a bubble, and companies who haven’t ever made a penny of profit are being floated for eye-watering sums, whilst behind the scenes, central bankers are keeping the whole façade alive.

Anyone could be forgiven for feeling that the global economy has a 1920’s kind of feel to it?

On this episode, we discuss if history will repeat itself and if so, where next for global money markets?
Host Ross Ashcroft is joined by Mitch Feierstein, investor, hedge fund manager and author of the book ‘Planet Ponzi.’