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One of my websites has been infected. I am working to fix that and prevent future abuse. It will be spotty until then. Please be patient.

I have been operating five websites for a long time, more than that at times, and three of them for over a decade. I have had exactly ONE paid advertisement in all that time. All other expenses have been out of my pocket.

Bad actors recently infected one or more of them. Costs of removing the infection and preventing future pollutants could exceed costs of hosting. This particular community service hobby is threatening to take more time and/or money than I care to afford. I am dropping maintenance and expense of two of them immediately.

I apologize for those barbarians who took these away from you.
Users and destroyers are everywhere.
Resist them wherever you can.

Effective immediately,
The Fixer .biz
Free Missy .com
will no longer exist on the Internet.
They now point here:

I am sorry to see them go.
Y’all come on back. I will be posting content at Ted, Bitterroot, and/or that used to be there, or would have been had they continued to exist.

P.S. If you are interested in helping with my expenses of publishing online, Ted Dunlap, PO box 275, Conner, MT 59827 would happily receive contributions.

P.P.S. I found a low-cost protection service that I will try for a while. It seems very slow initially, but I believe that is part of the way it works. Supposedly, it will provide much faster service within a couple of days … that is, even faster than it was before I was hacked.