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Charlottesville CAR-VS-PROTESTERS show

I really want you to have read about the Charlottesville rally and protest violence first. It could and should be The Big Story. It is even likely that the car-into-crowd SHOW was made and played to distract from that Big Event.

Here is a decent article on the big picture, what the series of protest/counter-protest violent confrontations are about. It is useful to understand why this is dominating mainstream media and political discourse at this time.

Welcome to Charlottesville
– proof that political correctness is wrecking America

by Robert Bridge

What we should study up on is the ‘car plows into crowd’ show that is the centerpiece of lamestream media Charlottesville coverage.

I have watched dozens of videos and tried to select the better ones for you below. Watch a couple of them. None are perfect, but all show the same story. This event was a show. It was not real. We have another Sandy Hook official hoax here.

At this time there are plenty of proofs available. Check them out. In the ensuing weeks, months and years, the official story will be repeated, recycled and reused.

Know it for the lie it is.

A number of the videos point out the two different gray Dodge Challengers – one with a center of hood racing strip; another without. There appear to have been two TAKES of this event, using two similar, but different cars.

Several capture anomalies about the driver … that is, as opposed to the patsy who is facing charges for being the driver. I’m not sure how this part will pan out, but I’m thinking it will be like the Aurora Theater and Sandy Hook where the designated perp is drugged out, loony or quietly disappears.

Regardless, the trim driver with white Tee shirt who drives high-speed reverse like a professional does not look like the accused. Check that out in the videos.

Then there is the ROAD CLOSED aspect. Police presence, police barriers, but a car drives through it and, on video, past several unconcerned uniformed policemen … then crashes into a group of three other vehicles in a no-vehicles-allowed zone. Then backs away at high speed, and drives away, again past unconcerned uniformed officers.

Video quality varies dramatically, even by the same shooter. We get really clear shots of some parts, then a gray filter blurs out detail, then off again. Others take turns shooting the ground, thumb, hand, arm whenever it suits the script. Semi-pro tricks, fershur.

There is much more, but I gotta get off this and back into making our new digs habitable.

Here is a link to another article with several videos in it.

An Examination of the Charlottesville Car Crash: Accident, Assault or Staged Deception?

tinfoil hatOver a four day period, I have worked repeatedly to publish the real Charlottesville story.

My downloads, uploads, displays take F.O.R.E.V.E.R, hosting crashes, loops forever, connection-lost, fails altogether, HTML language ignored, then the photos and videos don’t show up when I publish or preview the article. I have tried many different ways, but nearly every time am foiled. This sucks up a tremendous amount of time with NO REWARD for perseverance.

I am putting this out there without the videos. You will have to go to some of the linked sites to see those. I highly recommend it.

There are several possibilities including that this story is so important that government employed hackers are squashing publication of video evidence showing the car-into-the-crowd is a staged event.

I will be switching from satellite Internet connection to cable the end of this month. If that doesn’t fix it, I will change web hosts.


Another analysis of the event. As you can see, there is plenty of proof this is a hoax driven by a plan and supported by very large pockets.

George Soros birthday party: Charlottesville “white nationalist” car attack HOAX! just a movie production! PsyOp!

This one points the finger at the primary large pocket financing this entire race, theology and political belief war.

Do You Think It’s A Coincidence That The Charlottesville Race Riots Took Place On George Soros Birthday?