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stick with your own kind

Locally it is a rare person who discriminates on basis of religion, skin pigmentation, private interactions or any of the popular subcategories of humans.

We recognize the Divide and Conquer game from history, literature and times we have witnessed it personally.

We aren’t falling for it.

But we do see nationally that a huge chunk of the population is being sucked into it. It will be ugly, but the war between the gullibles will probably not arrive in our region.

What has hit me personally in the last month is a generational difference. My generation’s version of honor, integrity, generosity, repayment is not the same as those born after the government began designing automobiles.

Okay, I’m a car guy. In 1968 Gen 1 smog controls ruined engines and 5-mph-bumpers ruined body style. Incompetent bureaucratic meddling in automobile design has only become worse since then.

Similarly, the old-fashioned man-of-his-word, give-more-than-you-take, guard-your-honor-above-all type of people have been diluted beyond recognition.

This week I am a little tired of it.

I think I’ll be taking a break from youngsters for a while.