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Charlottesville protest violence

Pretty safe to assume that lamestream media is part of the show. Their track record of relaying the truth is remarkably poor. Their glitz, ubiquitousness, production quality and FCC protection from competition, are the grips they have on their shrinking audience.

But it is a big show. Repercussions, ripples and echoes are going on and on.

What happened there?

I am posting this today in two parts. I want you to read this one first. I have spent parts of several days assembling it. Videos and clips I remember seeing were hard to track back down, I am pretty dang busy in my physical world right now, and I got bogged down in the complexities of debunking the official narratives on both the protest violence and car show that seemed to be part of it.

This post is about the protest… the setup for the FASCISTS VS ANTIFASCISTS narrative we are being shown on MSM. The car-into-crowd show gets its own post.

A number of real investigative reporters in text, graphic and video media describe a licensed rally for FREE SPEECH in a pair of pre-planned, police-protected, enforced ‘free speech zones’.

Hired gangs told by their employers (“organizers”) that because the licensed rally was a white racist event, violence against them was legitimate.

While my phrase “hired gangs” might seem a bit outrageous, here is a Charlotte Craigslist ad from the week before. It was quoted on many real news sources, while none of the lamestream presstitutes seemed to find it … or the buses and vans that brought the hirelings to town.


Actors and Photographers Wanted in Charlotte

Crowds on Demand, a Los Angeles-based Public Relations firm specializing in innovative events, is looking for enthusiastic actors and photographers in the Charlotte, NC area to participate in our events. Our events include everything from rallies to protests to corporate PR stunts to celebrity scenes. The biggest qualification is enthusiasm, a “can-do” spirit. Pay will vary by event but typically is $25+ per hour plus reimbursements for gas/parking/Uber/public transit.

For more information about us, please visit

Lamestream media peppered their story with clips of Nazi salutes, racial epithets, and other abhorrent behaviors from ‘example’ people at the licensed rally. HOWEVER, keep in mind that the $25/hour actors are probably working both sides of the show; inciting the one side while defaming the other.

Once the brownshirt, oops, black lives matter, oops, ANTIFA gangs were in place, the licensed protesters were fed into the meat grinder. I do not mean allowed, but forced! The rally was ordered shut down. The riot-gear-phalanx physically pushed everyone at the Free Speech Rally out into the armed goon squad.

This was widely reported and documented on the Internet, while those without legitimate news resources remain ignorant. Numerous witnesses are quoted in many Internet media outlets, but the story remains consistent.


A Charlottesville police officer has come forward to express his anger at being told to “stand down” by the city mayor during violent clashes between protestors. He also claims the protests, which pitched “white supremacists” against members of Antifa, were “set up” to further the agenda of the elites.

“We [Charlotesville police] were ordered to bring the rival groups together. As soon as they were in contact with each other, we were told to stand down. It was outrageous. We weren’t allowed to arrest anyone without asking the mayor first. We weren’t even allowed to stop the driver as he sped away.“

“The event was being set up as far back as at least May and it went like clockwork.”

The police, who over the last 20 years were up-armored for such things, were all there with shields, armor, lances, broadswords … okay, not so much the last two, but many weapons more powerful than those.

So the police completely contained the planned, government-approved rally for free speech. The crowd was confined to two pens. Ugh-I don’t like that word, and certainly wouldn’t be herded into one.

Meanwhile, outside the two allowed exits, a battalion of armed hired brutes awaited release of their prey.

Overlooking all of this was a Virginia National Guard sniper team… expert past 1,000 yards, a 100-yard head-shot on any designated targets within the conflict zone would have been essentially point-blank range for them. Given the results, they obviously were not ordered to that rooftop to prevent the unlawful Antifa crowd from beating Free-Speech rally goers with clubs. What was their purpose then? Punishing self defense moves by the rally attendees???

This is a rather big story. Lamestream media did not touch it. Not one of them. Not a piece of it. Below is the picture. I cannot find it out there today. I downloaded it on August 17th, attributed to Matt Bracken. I don’t know why I can’t find it today, but do my fair share by putting it back up.

Over at Liberty Unyielding, J.E. Dyer gets a lot of things right, but falls into the trap of calling the rally a “white supremacist” event.

The other is that the counter-protesters, who were present without a permit, were allowed to roam freely around the park perimeter and on the streets fanning out from it. The police made no effort to control access to those streets, or intervene in whatever was happening on them. Reportedly, the police were not present on those streets at all.

Eyewitnesses also say that when the white supremacists were told to disperse, the police made it impossible for them to leave the park by exiting to the north. The white supremacists were herded out of the park to the south. The streets south, east, and west of the park were filled with counter-protesters (especially Market Street to the south), but none of them had a police presence.
Site of the vehicular attack by James Fields in relation to Emancipation Park.

The point for this post is the lack of police presence. Given that there was reportedly a force of 1,000 assembled in Charlottesville, including the Virginia State Police and the National Guard, it’s hard to believe there weren’t enough officers on-hand to enforce a pedestrian traffic scheme and control the streets well enough to separate the protesters when the dispersal order was given.

Nor is it a stretch to imagine that the vehicular attack could have been prevented entirely with such a scheme. It was because the counter-protesters were left to go wherever they wanted on the streets around the park, with no police controls in place, that James Fields was able to get at them with his Dodge Challenger.

Baron Bodissey over at Gates of Vienna makes a large number of excellent points about the fishy smell coming from this event in his essay “We Are Being Played”. I will feature a few, but encourage you to click the link above for much more.

4. The immediate and uniform response of the mainstream media. The news reports about the ramming reached fever pitch immediately. There was no delay. There were no confused and contradictory accounts trickling in (compare last Saturday’s process of reporting with, say, the media response to the fatal shooting of a white woman by a Somali police officer in Minneapolis). The rhetoric was uniform across all outlets, with almost identical headlines and topic sentences in early reports. The neo-Nazi element was hyped over and over again, and turned against President Trump with full force.

5. The lawsuit against the organizers. The driver and passenger in the car rammed by James Fields quickly sued him and all the organizations listed as participating in the #UniteTheRight rally. The lawsuit was filed with far greater rapidity than one would normally expect in such circumstances. It was as if there were a lawyer (or lawyers) on the scene in advance, ready for action and looking for clients. Perhaps on the payroll of a Soros affiliate…?

6. Get Trump. The focus in the aftermath of the ramming attack was to use it massively and relentlessly to do damage to Donald Trump.

Five blocks away, we have the famous, often played vehicular attack. I decided to treat the car show separately. When you read that post, you will understand. I will let the following quote sum up the violence around the protest.

Police: Charlottesville Was ‘Inside Job’ To Ignite Race War
A Charlottesville police officer has come forward to express his anger at being told to “stand down” by the city mayor during violent clashes between protestors. He also claims the protests, which pitched “white supremacists” against members of Antifa, were “set up” to further the agenda of the elites.