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depopulate the rural northwest

Health officials say the residents of Seeley Lake are experiencing dangerous levels of wildfire smoke that have never before been monitored in Missoula County.

Air quality specialists now say it’s essential that residents of Seeley Lake take steps to protect themselves, and they say the most effective way to do that is to leave.

Here is a picture of fire and smoke in the northwest today:

“Stupid forestry officials” ban logging, thinning and other intelligent management of forests that then become overgrown, flammable and hard to control once fires begin.

Why is it so easy to think that people who somehow wormed their way to the top are stupid and foolish, but not think they share sociopathic views with others at the top? They actually published world-wide WHY they shut down all the logging and forestry industry in The Northwest:

The Council On Foreign Relations, which is made up of nearly all major corporate heads plus past, current and future political figures, has published as one of their major objectives:
Links to this abound. Ixquick search “UN Agenda 21 depopulate wilderness areas”
where you will find this one, this one, this one and many, many more.

The above excerpted from: foresters for the beetles

It is working exactly as planned. There is nothing accidental about destroying the Northwestern air and industry. The environmentalists are being duped and used. Please look at this air and tell me it is environmentally beneficial.

Think about the birds, mammals and other wildlife. This air, the burning of our forests is not good for them. Habitat, air … all of it is being DELIBERATELY destroyed.

This time of year we use ELECTRIC fans pulling our indoor air through super-fine filters to give our bodies relief from the smoke in our air. I curse the tree-huggers every time my eyes burn so bad, and bronchia flems up forcing me to retreat indoors. Dang fools, pawns and dupes. Without them the New World Order Earth modifiers would be powerless.

Rain showers came through last night improving the air this morning. While the visibility is smoke limited still, it gets a “GOOD” rating today.

We are not hurting as bad as further north, but this month has been more at the lower end of the Good to Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups spectrum, and will not get better until winter ends this year’s fire season.


It is an interesting show. Doesn’t mean I like it.