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log it or burn it

Here is a map of where the US Forest Service has outlawed renewable timber harvest and planting.

The areas highlighted in RED are where people pretending to be fools have crushed generations-old tree farming communities.

Families raised in the forested parts of Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho and Northern California now break up and move to the cities.

Handy if you want to control the populace. Nuclear families are bad. Sustainable rural communities are bad. Corporate employees are good. Disarmed city snowflakes are good.

Some of us cling to our old values, culture of honor, integrity in our interactions and independence. We get to breath our trees instead of selling them as lumber.

The EPA should be a help here, but that is not how they roll.

Here’s our afternoon sky … and we are NOT in the thick of it.

The map at the top of this post is a NASA product. You can see a current one here: