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One of my websites has been infected. I am working to fix that and prevent future abuse. It will be spotty until then. Please be patient. I have been operating five websites for a long time, more than that at times, and three of them for over a decade. I have had exactly ONE paid advertisement in all that time. All other expenses have been out of my pocket. Bad actors recently infected one or more of them. Costs of removing the infection and preventing future pollutants could exceed costs of hosting. This particular community service hobby is threatening to take more time and/or money than I care to afford. I am dropping maintenance and expense of two of them […]

driving … or not

While wearing my baby teeth I was racing toy cars over road-race courses of my own making on the carpet. Smallest of the bunch, I was beating all other home-made coasters on our downhill courses, making maneuvers others did not dare. In bicycle boonie-crashing I had no peers, not from muscle mass, of which I had none, but, well, I am and have always been a driver. Graduating to internal combustion engines, and automobiles didn’t change much in relative skill levels, just put me into a new league. Autocrossing had my Porsche 912, then Porsche 356B, the Porsche 356A Speedster winning consistently. At the time I thought my cars were magical. My 650 single-carb BSA was the lowest horsepower in […]

silver lining

We gave A LOT to the next two generations in our family. They did to our offerings what they have done to every opportunity in their lives … threw it in the garbage. After recovering from the kick in the teeth, we find ourselves choosing between our manufactured home in a gorgeous trailer park location on the Bitterroot River and ten acres with a full-sized, full-basement home, south-facing slope, year-round creek and many forward-thinking neighbors. No contest. The first week after their abrupt, rude, inconsiderate departure was the black cloud. The month of August was cleaning up a mess left by typical tenants. (I still never want to be a landlord … and particularly as I am reminded of what […]

Charlottesville CAR-VS-PROTESTERS show

I really want you to have read about the Charlottesville rally and protest violence first. It could and should be The Big Story. It is even likely that the car-into-crowd SHOW was made and played to distract from that Big Event. Here is a decent article on the big picture, what the series of protest/counter-protest violent confrontations are about. It is useful to understand why this is dominating mainstream media and political discourse at this time. Welcome to Charlottesville – proof that political correctness is wrecking America by Robert Bridge What we should study up on is the ‘car plows into crowd’ show that is the centerpiece of lamestream media Charlottesville coverage. I have watched dozens of videos and tried […]

stick with your own kind

Locally it is a rare person who discriminates on basis of religion, skin pigmentation, private interactions or any of the popular subcategories of humans. We recognize the Divide and Conquer game from history, literature and times we have witnessed it personally. We aren’t falling for it. But we do see nationally that a huge chunk of the population is being sucked into it. It will be ugly, but the war between the gullibles will probably not arrive in our region. What has hit me personally in the last month is a generational difference. My generation’s version of honor, integrity, generosity, repayment is not the same as those born after the government began designing automobiles. Okay, I’m a car guy. In […]

party of peace

  In response to the escalation of threats of warfare by the Donald Trump administration, the Libertarian National Committee adopted the following resolution at its quarterly meeting last weekend: “Resolved, the Libertarian National Committee calls for the immediate U.S. government withdrawal from NATO.” President Trump’s foreign policy seems to depend on which advisor he talked to last … or whatever his Twitter muse may be in the early morning hours. Clearly, the last people he listened to before addressing the nation on Afghanistan last Monday night were his generals. He raised the specter of terrorism to justify killing Taliban, Al Qaida, and ISIS terrorists, saying that he would give the military a free hand. He vowed to maximize economic sanctions, […]

cause of The Civil War

Lamestream media informed people are attacking, or supporting the attacks on Confederate history. I am saddened by their historical ignorance, but not surprised. The federal takeover of government indoctrination, sometimes called “public schools” had this among its chief objectives. I just ran across a wonderful summary of the “Civil War” causes. Certainly the books When In The Course Of Human Events, The Real Lincoln, Lincoln Unmasked and others of their kind are better than this synopsis, but the facts are consistent. The modern, popular mythology does not hold water. I quote from the article: Shortly after Lincoln’s call to put down the “rebellion;” a prominent Northern politician wrote to Colonel Baldwin to enquire what Union men in Virginia would do […]

Charlottesville protest violence

Pretty safe to assume that lamestream media is part of the show. Their track record of relaying the truth is remarkably poor. Their glitz, ubiquitousness, production quality and FCC protection from competition, are the grips they have on their shrinking audience. But it is a big show. Repercussions, ripples and echoes are going on and on. What happened there? I am posting this today in two parts. I want you to read this one first. I have spent parts of several days assembling it. Videos and clips I remember seeing were hard to track back down, I am pretty dang busy in my physical world right now, and I got bogged down in the complexities of debunking the official narratives […]

50 years and it still doesn’t add up

Figuring Out The Kennedy Assassination By Jacob G. Hornberger The Future of Freedom Foundation   The official story of the Kennedy assassination is that he was killed by a former U.S. Marine, lone-nut, communist assassin named Lee Harvey Oswald. The big problem, however, is that the official story has never comported with much of the circumstantial evidence in the case nor with common sense, reason, and logic. That’s why no one has ever been able to come up with a credible motive for Oswald to kill Kennedy. As I pointed out in Part 1, by the time he was assassinated Kennedy was ending the Cold War against the communist world and had announced his intention for America to live in […]

more on the cabin for sale

Conner Cabin from the bridgeWe spent over four years making this perfect for the two of us, but it is a bit snug with my Mom here too. We are moving to more appropriate housing and leaving our lovely riverside home behind. Major remodeling along with addition of the adjacent lot to our lease transformed this river-front home into a real find. UPDATE: The official listing information (at the bottom of the page) calls this a 756 square foot home. That is what we bought, but the 8-foot by 21-foot studio space is very much an integral part of the home. In reality, this is more accurately calculated as a 924 square foot home. I had a conversation with someone […]

the evil at the core

Putin Slams ‘Dangerous Soros’ For Driving America Towards Civil War Vladimir Putin has warned the United States that George Soros is driving the country towards civil war, using divisive politics, violence and media propaganda to further his goals. Speaking at a cabinet meeting in the Kremlin, President Putin told senior advisors that George Soros is using his vast network of agitators to target America’s most sensitive points and cause turmoil. “Make no mistake, his endgame is revolution through civil war. In America he is using exactly the same tactics he uses everywhere. “ “George Soros is a well-known pyromaniac with matches in his back pocket pouring petrol onto a bonfire.”   Putin also had a message for Americans. They […]

bad history must go

Mainstream media presstitutes are running a full-court-press on those who would retain this country’s history. Dark money from Soros, Clintons and their ilk are employing otherwise unemployables to scream, yell, vandalize and destroy. Local online advertisements for “protesters” and “actors” precede many of the events getting major nation-wide coverage. The investigative reporters of the Internet catch and publish this. Lamestream Media covers THE SHOW instead. The example below from the Cartoon News Network is typical coverage. Washington (CNN) – As pressure mounts around the country demanding the removal of monuments lionizing the Confederacy, President Donald Trump said Tuesday that the removal of such monuments is “changing history.” “I wonder, is it George Washington next week?” Trump asked. Trump, in […]

happy birthday

A couple years ago I was banging on the edge of 220 pounds. It did not hang well on my frame. Worse, I was on a trajectory of continuing to grow in weight and girth. My entire wardrobe was threatening to explode, forcing a shift top and bottom to XXL. NO! I refused to expand my clothing size, … and to continue to grow into the new me. My wife was hugely instrumental in turning that around. The carbohydrates have been minimal ever since. Pasta, pizza, and all forms of bread are very limited in my diet. Dropping from 219 to 199 came gradually, but with relative ease. Just under 200 pounds I plateaued. As last winter’s cool weather […]

FOR SALE – tidy cabin on The Bitterroot

Conner Cabin from the bridgeWe spent over four years making this perfect for the two of us, but it is a bit snug with my Mom here too. We are moving to more appropriate housing and leaving our lovely riverside home behind. Major remodeling along with addition of the adjacent lot to our lease transformed this river-front home into a real find. I published many posts including pictures taken in our yard under the heading “Post Card From Conner“. That is what living here is like. looking upstream from the front lawn Four seasons in a location many spend extravagantly to visit on their vacations. Fishermen float by our front lawn in $900 per-day guided trips. The prior owner and […]