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My formative years

The modern way

This whole age-segregated thing is a construct of The New World Order, Illuminati, Bilderbergs, Ruling Elites, etcetera. Love or hate the generational labels millennial, boomer and such, they do exist and are widely accepted self definitions. Nice job dividing us up into tiny subgroups that could be pitted against each other so we do not recognize and destroy the psychopathic parasites who are destroying humanity, nature and Earth.

But I have to (occasionally) live in the world as it exists. I sadly shake my head at what passes for knowledge. Far worse, those empty little clay heads consider their indoctrinations to be evolutionary, superior knowledge.

I expect in my lifetime to see this paper-moon, cardboard-sky matrix replaced by stark reality. In my youth I swam and body-surfed the Pacific Ocean. I have lived a reality-exposed life without protection, all my life.
I like it like that.

I expect I will live long enough to see this cocooned society melt down immersed in reality.

Wading pool surf is no preparation for the real world.