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our turn coming

Another good Woodpile Report. Excerpts:

Just a reminder. It appears leftist militants are still planning coordinated nationwide riots on July 2nd and 3rd, called “Impeachment Marches”. Thousands of street ‘activists’ will be using flash-mob and other methods taught at Summer Resistance Camp, generously funded by the The Democratic National Committee. Expect Black Lives Matter and armed Antifa red brigades to use demonstrators as a screen for serious assaults.

Their leaders have refused to rule out property destruction and violence against unwelcome bystanders. Persons of non-color who are unlucky, elderly or merely slow moving are at particular risk. The central theme is, “Trump must go by any means necessary”, starting with shutting down entire cities. As happened in Baltimore and Berkeley, city officials—co-conspirators, to say it plainly—may order police to retreat or even to stand down, then when things quiet down, send ’em out to arrest the victims. As always, observe Ol’ Remus’s Most Excellent and Inviolable Rule One For Survival: stay away from crowds.

The violence is funded by those who COUNTED ON the victory of Hitlary in their rigged election. Remember, they even had printed and distributed her victory celebration in Newsweek magazine … and embarrassing mistake that quickly got swept under the rug.

Advertisements for paid provocateurs precede these events. Innocents add to the body count, but as with the Ukraine coup, the real operatives take advantage of the crowds to hide the real action.

Same result for us. Crowds are dangerous. Violence will be the norm …
that is, until their violent revolution succeeds…
and we enter the phase of violent counter-revolution.

See a pattern here?

The psychopaths and sociopaths at the top will not quit voluntarily.
They either win or lose.
We either win or lose.
We AND they will not survive the finish.
I’m hoping for a win.

In the long run, we always have.
But the mutants reappear, and healthy people become complacent.
It’s just a phase we are going through.
Lucky us, we get The Big Turning.