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This goes on a bit long, but I am combining 4 different articles in their entirety. They also include video clips.

While the global weather manipulators chemspray our beloved Bitterroot, they simultaneously expect the peasants to wear hair shirts to prevent human weather modification.



Global Warming Swindle by Thomas SowellThomas Sowell

Britain’s Channel 4 has produced a devastating documentary titled “The Great Global Warming Swindle.” It has apparently not been broadcast by any of the networks in the United States. But, fortunately, it is available on the Internet.

Distinguished scientists specializing in climate and climate-related fields talk in plain English and present readily understood graphs showing what a crock the current global warming hysteria is.

These include scientists from MIT and top-tier universities in a number of countries. Some of these are scientists whose names were paraded on some of the global warming publications that are being promoted in the media — but who state plainly that they neither wrote those publications nor approved them.

One scientist threatened to sue unless his name was removed.

While the public has been led to believe that “all” the leading scientists buy the global warming hysteria and the political agenda that goes with it, in fact the official reports from the United Nations or the National Academy of Sciences are written by bureaucrats — and then garnished with the names of leading scientists who were “consulted,” but whose contrary conclusions have been ignored.

There is no question that the globe is warming but it has warmed and cooled before, and is not as warm today as it was some centuries ago, before there were any automobiles and before there was as much burning of fossil fuels as today.

None of the dire things predicted today happened then.

The British documentary goes into some of the many factors that have caused the earth to warm and cool for centuries, including changes in activities on the sun, 93 million miles away and wholly beyond the jurisdiction of the Kyoto treaty.

According to these climate scientists, human activities have very little effect on the climate, compared to many other factors, from volcanoes to clouds.

These climate scientists likewise debunk the mathematical models that have been used to hype global warming hysteria, even though hard evidence stretching back over centuries contradicts these models.

What is even scarier than seeing how easily the public, the media, and the politicians have been manipulated and stampeded, is discovering how much effort has been put into silencing scientists who dare to say that the emperor has no clothes.

Academics who jump on the global warming bandwagon are far more likely to get big research grants than those who express doubts — and research is the lifeblood of an academic career at leading universities.

Environmental movements around the world are committed to global warming hysteria and nowhere more so than on college and university campuses, where they can harass those who say otherwise. One of the scientists interviewed on the British documentary reported getting death threats.

In politics, even conservative Republicans seem to have taken the view that, if you can’t lick ’em, join ’em. So have big corporations, which have joined the stampede.

This only enables the green crusaders to declare at every opportunity that “everybody” believes the global warming scenario, except for a scattered few “deniers” who are likened to Holocaust deniers.

The difference is that we have the hardest and most painful evidence that there was a Holocaust. But, for the global warming scenario that is causing such hysteria, we have only a movie made by a politician and mathematical models whose results change drastically when you change a few of the arbitrarily selected variables.

No one denies that temperatures are about a degree warmer than they were a century ago.

What the climate scientists in the British documentary deny is that you can mindlessly extrapolate that, or that we are headed for a climate catastrophe if we don’t take drastic steps that could cause an economic catastrophe.

“Global warming” is just the latest in a long line of hysterical crusades to which we seem to be increasingly susceptible.


Carbon dioxide “pollutant” myth totally DEBUNKED

(Natural News) As part of the new Health Ranger Science effort at public education on crucial science issues of our time, I’ve just released this truly must-see video that totally debunks the false narrative of carbon dioxide as a “pollutant.”

As you’ll see explained in the video below, climate change alarmists use visual trickery and deceit to make gullible people falsely believe that CO2 is rising to unprecedented, alarming levels across our planet. In truth, CO2 is at nearly the lowest point ever recorded in the history of the planet.

In fact, using data from the NOAA and even the IPCC, it turns out that CO2 levels were as much as 15 times higher than 400 ppm in the past, and plants across the planet today are starving for CO2, the “molecule of life” for plant life across the planet (including forests, food crops and jungles).

While climate change alarmists absurdly claim CO2 is a pollutant, they neglect to tell you that without CO2, we would all die of starvation because every ecosystem on the planet would almost instantly collapse. If CO2 were dropped to zero, Earth would become a barren global desert of death entirely incapable of supporting human life at all.

Even more shockingly, most climate change cultists still have no idea that their own bodies are made of carbon, and even the THC found in all the weed they’re smoking contains 21 carbon elements per molecule (C21H30O2). Vegetarians and vegans apparently don’t realize that all the fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds they eat are also made of carbon, as is their own blood, skin, hormones and tissues. At the same time these people are denouncing carbon as an “evil pollutant,” they are eating carbon, drinking carbon, smoking carbon and even making babies made of carbon.

Watch (and share) my full carbon dioxide science presentation below, and help educate the ignorant masses about the truth on carbon dioxide. Also read Climate Depot to learn more on this topic.


Here is what inspired me to post the two articles above:

Feds Spend $287,308 on ‘Climate Change Communication’

WASHINGTON, DC – APRIL 29: People march near the White House during the People’s Climate Movement in Washington, D.C., April 29, 2017, to protest President Donald Trump’s attack on the climate and the Environmental Protection Agency. Demonstrators demanded clean energy economy that works for all in the nation’s capital and across the country during similar protest events. (Photo by Astrid Riecken/Getty Images)


The National Park Service is spending nearly $300,000 on an internship program that teaches college students skills on how to communicate messages about climate change.

The “Climate Change Communication Internship Program” is a partnership with George Mason University that gives students paid internships to make infographics and websites about how humans are causing global warming.

“This paid summer internship program—in partnership with the National Park Service—trains and places undergraduate and graduate interns in National Capital Region national parks to develop materials and programs that communicate the impact of climate change on natural, cultural, historical, and recreational resources in the parks,” according to the program’s website. “Our interns have developed a variety of products ranging from park ranger communication toolkits to park-specific webpages.”

The internship began under the Obama administration in 2012. The program costs an estimated $287,308, according to a notice published by the National Park Service on Wednesday.

Past internships have taught environmental studies majors how to “effectively communicate” efforts to mitigate climate change and how to “inspire others to make changes in their own lives.”

Students created a video for Catoctin Mountain Park in Thurmont, Md., that “describes why recycling and composting are climate friendly actions.”

This year’s interns are making a short film about sea level rise in Belle Haven, Va.

George Mason University says it started the program because of “five important facts,” including “climate change is real” and is “caused by human actions.” The university also claims “more than 97 percent of the experts agree” on climate change and that climate change is “harming us.”

Finally, the university says, “We can solve this problem, if we work at it.”


You might, by now, recognize that the problem is people who aren’t buying their propoganda; who no longer accept the fake news produced by lamestream media, the globalists, and their puppets.

As long as the Internet exists, and some of us continue thinking for ourselves, they cannot “solve this problem”.

Then there is this current bit of somewhat related information. The folks engineering the global warming scam designed to instill fear, conformity, and acceptance of money transfers to the world’s wealthiest are meeting right now to discuss all their various schemes.

from Before It’s News:

Secret Bilderberg Group Meeting Starts Today, Just Outside D.C.

Today is the start of the Bilderberg Conference. I can once again put on my tin foil proudly. Barely a ripple from the news media. Google did a fine job of scrubbing it from their search engine but then again, Schmidt will be at the meeting. One sentence from Drudge from InfoWars but I already had that one. One mention from Yahoo at the time I write this post.

Fascinating isn’t it that 140 of the world’s leaders gather right outside of D.C. and not a ripple so far from the media. I gleaned a couple of points of interest. Bilderberg Meetings | The official website is a place to start. I add this clip from the History Channel just for a refresher done in 2009.