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special airplane

The world’s largest airplane just rolled out of its hanger. This is the most ridiculous looking aircraft I have ever seen. It begs for treatment by The Onion. You may want to check with them occasionally to see what the professionals came up with.

Meanwhile, I’ll give it a shot, and them some food for thought.

Boeing rolls out transporter for clans who don’t get along, but are forced to travel together.

FAA rules force airliners to accommodate gender-gymnasts and homophobes on future flights.

Airbus halves the time spent loading and unloading passengers with four-door airliner.

Cessna, Superglue and JB-Weld partnership develops very special airplane.

Billionaire Paul Allen turns Boy Scouts balsa-wood project from his youth into full scale toy.

Of course you may be interested in knowing who built this thing and why. I’ll send you to the article here:

World’s largest airplane rolls out of hanger