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I found this post and graphic, but have a much simpler view of it. Number 4, called the 10 and 2 o’clock position, taught in driver’s training, is the correct one for street use. While reasonably relaxed, you can make instantaneous steering changes while retaining complete control of your vehicle.

In intense driving situations, such as racing, when you are demanding 100% from man and machine, 9 and 3 are better for control and recovery. They are just more tiring to hold.

The only other choice is to remain parked until you are ready to drive. All of the rest are non-driving positions, ready for nothing.

It was unavoidable… Accidents happen… If you are lounging in the driver’s seat, you are in the wrong position one way or the other.

I, by the way, can cite several times I would have died were I using anything but the 10-and-2 positions. Unavoidable with any other grip, they were no-contact simply because my body was properly positioned, my mind was on the driving task, and I had experience handling vehicles at the limit. I’ll regale you with them if we find ourselves around a campfire sometime.

I’ve Never Thought The Way I Hold The Steering Wheel Of My Car Can Tell Much About My Personality.

I bet that since you passed the test and got the driving license, you’ve never thought about the style of your driving. I guess you wouldn’t even think that the way you hold the steering wheel can tell a lot about your personality!

Choose a picture that shows the position of your hands while driving, and find out something interesting about yourself.

1. The Minimalist
You are trying to make your life as simple as possible. You do not surround yourself with unnecessary things and people, and you choose the most straightforward and sincere people for your friends. But the fact that you are minimalist does not mean you are boring: friends appreciate your taste and your lack of a dramatic approach to life.

2. The Funny Guy
Your brain constantly generates a variety of crazy ideas. You are a very funny and active person. You are a genius of creativity, and your artistic abilities attract many friends to you

3. The Peacemaker
You do not like disputes; conflicts upset you and bring you out of balance. If you ever raise your voice, your family is surprised and they realize that this is serious. You do not tolerate quarrels and direct all your abilities to eliminate conflicts between other people.

4. The Perfectionist
You pay a lot of attention to details, and you like when everything goes according to a plan. You are firmly convinced that if you do something, then it’s done well. You are always neat and looking good.

5. The Alarmist
You often struggle with your fears. For instance, you can go back home several times to check if all doors are locked and the iron is off. You prefer not to take risks and trust only proven and reliable methods. Your family and friends love you very much and always try to help you relax because they know that there is a wonderful person behind this insecurity.

6. The Adventurer
If you have not tried skydiving or bungee jumping – you’ll definitely do that in future. Of course, your friends sometimes marvel at your temper and do not always share your hobbies, but your life credo “live-life-to-the– fullest” deserves respect.

7. The Boss
You are a born leader as you have the talent to take the situation under your control. People turn to you for advice and support. They trust you because you are very confident. At work, you are often praised for your leadership and organizational abilities. In your relationships, it might be difficult to find a person who would complete you though. But when you meet this person, you will realize that the expectation was worth it.

8. The Reliable Guy
People love you as you are a huge support for your family and friends. You sincerely rejoice in the success of others. You are an excellent listener and you are not inclined to allow others to take the initiative in their own hands. And while they are fighting life’s battles, you rest and accept life as it is.

9. The Tough Guy
You do not take things too much to your heart, and others may think that you do not care. Even during the most difficult periods in life, you radiate your self-confidence and peace of your mind. Every day for you is like a holiday and friends and family always turn to you when they want to spend time cheerfully.

10. The Tank
You are always busy, and you do not have time to deal with those who stand in your way, you just sweep all before yourself. People admire you and they know they can rely on you if they want things to be done.