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432 Hz

There I was, all hepped-up to do a researched post on 432 Hz, but my research got in the way.

I will explain further in a bit, but this frequency and relatives of it are part of our nature, calming, centering and beneficial in many ways. In 1917, the rulers decreed that music move off of that center onto a 440 Hz standard. We have been in discord ever since.

The new look at 432 Hz was not my first. Thus I was knowledgeable enough to embrace the concept. If this is your introduction, I recommend you web-search (DuckDuckGo) 432 Hz, then read at least three of the links that turn up in order to get closer to accepting this bit of knowledge.

Anyway, I got to RelaxationDeep Sleep Music Delta Binaural 432 Hz, began listening, then simply relaxed myself out of thinking, writing and posting.

Sorry. I’ll get back to you later. I have gone off to a pleasant place for now.

I just started The Music again. I’ll hurry up and write this before relaxation overwhelms me.

I encourage you to go look at the folks who are real serious about this 432Hz thing. Their website is called, of all things,

Earth and everything on it has natural rhythms. 432Hz is among them. When the scales and music are harmonic with that, they reach into us in ways disharmonic music cannot.

Some people think disharmony is good.
I encourage you to check around a bit.
Experiment some.
Decide for yourself.

I give you an excerpt from

A=432 Hz is a more efficient tuning frequency, which was historically established as the Scientific Pitch, by scientists using the rational scientific process, and made realised in classical music by Italian opera composer, Giuseppi Fortunino Francesco Verdi, over 100 years ago.

A majority of people, have reported, since 1998, that 432Hz music tuning, is felt by the whole body, as a whole body experience, whereas 440Hz music is more mental, appealing to the more analytical students of music.