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inexplicably popular air route

In my neighborhood, I am expected to either not notice what is going on over my head or believe that the East-West and North-South air travel routes are incredibly popular.

I marked up a Western USofA map with lines showing where the, uh, long-tailed airplanes flock overhead five or six days a week. This way, that way, back and forth with trails that often linger and spread white covering over the otherwise blue sky.

The people over at Global Skywatch do a much more thorough job of covering what is being sprayed, how, when, why. I’m just showing you a snapshot from my little corner of the world.

Below my map of these amazingly popular air traffic routes are the photos I took over a one-hour period a few days ago, and a short video clip as it begins.

inexplicably popular air traffic route with dozens of trips 5-6 days a week … leaving lingering trails turning the sky stripped white


My apologies for the little spot on the lens.

I didn’t notice it before seeing these photos here.

Hopefully, I just cleaned it off.