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I have long danced around the edges of seriously contemplating the requisite college degree path to success in our culture. The first chink in that model’s armor came at me when the U.S. Air Force offered me the opportunity to decline reposting from Utah to the Philippines.

The tiny bit of research I did using 1970 tools (pre-Internet) exposed a USofA colony so destroyed that a mundane job like elevator operator had over a thousand applicants whose overwhelming pool was thinned out by requiring a college degree to be even considered. So hated were the imperial forces that Clark Air Force Base was a “closed base”. GIs were not allowed off base because too many of the occupiers were knifed by resentful natives.

My own drive to rise within the Hewlett Packard corporation got me within 2 1/2 units of the sacred Bachelor’s Degree before my near-death experience had me slashing stress out of my life with extreme urgency. University work was the first casualty. Meanwhile, low-quality supervisors and managers rose on top of their diplomas supported by a column of hot air.

I now introduce you to what I would have written about this topic had I spent significant time in focused contemplation, got lucky and brilliant while doing so. Tom Baugh’s view is actually not pessimistic, but sees a positive long-run outcome.

Below is a very short excerpt. Click on the heading to go see the whole, great article.

Starving The Monkeys
Tom Baugh

Think about the future implications of a world in which for every young man graduating with a college degree, there are four or five women. And all of them fully infected with cultural poz, having received regular inoculations of such over a four- or five-year period.

Applications are no longer reflecting raw talent, but instead a social agenda. The more these things are used as weapons against the innocent and otherwise worthy, the less social aversion they can apply. One day a college degree may simply be seen as the mark of a sucker.

As young men are denied opportunity via college, and those degrees devalued as above, they will discover or be mentored to discover alternate paths. These paths, by their very nature, will then be immune to the thought-control mechanisms embedded into every corporate job. Once men have carved their own paths, independent of the corporate model, they will have evolved past the HR mechanisms that have been so finely tuned to destroy them.