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they boiled the frogs

Globalists 1 – Frenchmen 0

“If there is any hope for a revival of French culture it will only come through total French humiliation and despair.

Once a majority of Frenchmen no longer see any reason to support the status quo, to remain loyal to their betters, then things change and change rapidly.

It will not happen through elections and political activism.

Democracy is good at driving a country off a cliff. It is useless in pulling it back onto the road.

France needs to vote itself off the cliff in order to clear the field for what comes next.”

Sadly, the banksters won the French election.

I have no evidence of fraud in the French election…

other than past experience with these guys, that is.

I do suppose that rulers from around the world, past and present, along with all of the mainstream media, along with corporate advertising money all meddling in the French election might be considered fraud … if the other candidate won by those methods.