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French election mirrors USofA’s

The Bilderberg Group, or whatever name you want to hang on the ruling elite, has their candidate for French president picked out, primed, funded and ready to rule. The masses may not buy what they are selling. We will find out tomorrow.

Marine Le Pen is “not supposed to win”. She is an outsider, she is a French patriot, she opposes the New World Order plan, she is the object of attacks by current rulers, media and money men. But she won the first round where she was supposed to be a non-entity. She moved into the final round much to the shock and dismay of the powers-that-be.

That isn’t the only parallel to our last November presidential election. The dirty Goldman-Sachs/Rothschild candidate is genuinely ugly under a thin veneer and his ugliness is widely apparent on The Internet.  On top of that, his dirty, scratch that, filthy laundry is coming out on the Web for all to see, right before the crucial vote.

Also related, the ruling elite are still reeling from their Clinton II plan failing them. They owned it. They owned us. They got knocked back on their heels by uncontrolled people.

The French election is Sunday, May 7th. The rulers NEED France to continue the New-World-Order consolidation of Europe. Election of Marine Le Pen would seriously damage that.

I’m on the sidelines watching, but cheering for the French people.

They can’t hear me, of course. My French language skills are the polar opposite of fluent.