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don’t google anything

Lamestream media has lost and continues to lose audience as more people awaken to their propagandistic behavior … not to mention that they are obviously wrong more often than they are right.

Thinking people moved to the Internet where the truth is. Of course plenty of fiction resides there as well, but that is sure a step above the pure fiction broadcast by the media monopolies.

Now the bad news.

Google provides 65% of Internet searches

They now have thousands of employees monitoring the world wide web to prevent information undesirable by their standards from appearing on Google web searches.

The facebook and twitter big dogs are working along the same lines. Information running counter to the ruline elite script is becoming harder to ferret out. It is worth working for.

Thwart the censors.

Limit your exposure to their products.

Change your engine. Keep the truth available on your Internet.

But I admit I have not looked at very many before choosing DuckDuckGo.
They don’t track.
They don’t censor.
They work well for me.

Below is another tool for dodging censorship.
I need to check it out and work more with it myself.

Of course if you’re going to give up Google, then you’ll also have to give up YouTube, which can be a terrifying prospect. But there is an alternative. And a pretty good one at that… Vimeo. The professional’s choice of video-sharing site, which has lots of HD video and no ads.

otis the cat reviews in videos on Vimeo