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feed your head

My headline puts The Jefferson Airplane’s song, and Grace Slick’s words from White Rabbit into my brain. But that is not what I’m talking about… well, mostly not anyway.

The video clip to the right is hugely full of startling information on brain function and the important natural fuels that make it all work.

She goes at the cellular level to describe numerous nutrients that we have often heard used as negatives as crucial to our brains as well as the rest of our system.

The beauty of the human machine continues to impress me. As does the ability of charlatans to trick us into destructive behaviors for their fun and profit.

Though nearly edited completely out of the interview, there is a sentence that exposes what got her on the topic of impaired brain function and a major cause of it. Turn on your critical listening skills to find the paragraph with “glyphosate” in it.

The only unfortunate part of this interview is her operating at such a high level of biological knowledge that those who have never been introduced to cell makeup and function will not understand thoroughly.

Don’t let that deter you. Most of her unfamiliar words are simply the inner-workings and intra-workings of our cells. You don’t need to know the cellular details to understand the familiar parts of this talk.

In her summary she advises to live in the natural world and wholesomely feed your head.