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my absence

You likely noticed that I have not posted here for a week. There are two primary reasons for that.

For one, I updated the operating system in the computer I use for writing and maintaining my websites. This isn’t my first rodeo, so of course I have good notes on every login I use in the world wide web. Except, oops, my notes for the maintenance logins were incorrect. I had to get around to resolving the login problem.

Thus it was neither convenient nor easy to post fresh content here.

The bigger reason is probably best called “emotional overload”. The Bilderbergs, as I’ve been calling the ruling elite, or The Deep State as many others of similar awareness are now calling them are executing severe ugliness in many realms, in many ways and many of them TEOTWAWKI-level actions by themselves.

I am not as buried by those thoughts and actions as I am by the widespread ignorance of things that are so incredibly blatant, obvious and ugly.

So I spent a week focused on minding my own business … on a very local, my-neighborhood-only level.

I’m back.

I do what I can locally.

I also do what I can on the larger scale.

If I make any difference at all, only time will tell.

I don’t know who the following quotation came from or if I got it exactly correct, but it came to mind here and now.

I write for the same reason a chicken lays eggs: It is what I do.