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PTSD for you and me

In reading the Neighborhood Emergency Response Handbook I found a lot of valuable information. I encourage you to purchase and read the book yourself.

I share with you an insight the book gave me about PTSD – post traumatic stress disorder.

Modern media would have you believe it is limited to young [foolish] people the military industrial complex sent to kill or be killed for fun and profit.

It is more widespread than that.

In the Neighborhood Emergency Response Handbook I found a discussion of PTSD for people who have experienced disaster of any source, in any role.

Holey smokes! I have been-there-done-that… and been around other victims.

I will send you to page 136 of the above linked book for that discussion. However, to bring it home right now, the answer is to be in touch with yourself, to be patient with yourself and to take care of yourself.

If you are wiped out, you are useless to your community.

Pay attention to your needs.

If you need to play trombone, go for it. 🙂