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government sky rockets

This chart tells many tales. Let’s first talk about inflation figures as published by your government compared to what you see here. They claim that health, food, housing and college costs are “too volatile” to include in their calculations and would confuse people.

Therefore they calculate oaf-fish-al inflation without those skyrocketing prices. They happily report that they are “doing a great job managing the economy”, with 2% or 3% reported. They also explain how wonderful inflation is for us. Sure, that’s what the unemployed and underemployed need, is higher food, housing, child and health care costs.

Ah yes, but look at how affordable televisions are 🙂
Darn near anybody can afford to have Big Brother leering in their living room on the big screen.
And how cool is it that all of us can easily afford these handheld devices enabling government agents to track us wherever we go, record all of our conversations and store on their great computers every text message we send or receive?

We could go back to the chart I published two weeks ago to find the huge dumping of banksters’ paper as the source of much inflation: feral reserve high

But the top two are a bit more subtle – and more insidious, if that is possible.

Colleges raise their prices, governments loan more money to students. There are no disincentives, nor price competition. The pricing results speak for themselves.

The really cool part for the elites is that these inflated, ridiculous prices are wrapped around our kids before they enter the job market with a debt load they may never pay off… and that they are not allowed to bankruptcy their way out of – EVER – thanks to special student loan rules passed by Congress about the time the major price run-up took off.

Looks like a duck
– walks like a duck
– quacks like a duck
… maybe it is a duck?

At what point do people realize they have been enslaved?

Ah yes, but they have to get that college degree to qualify for
The Good Jobs.

You gotta love John Williams puts out real data, the old-fashioned way, where all of the people who wish to work but have no job are counted among the unemployed.

That number today is at 22.7% and includes a huge percentage of the college graduates of the last ten years. Most of the rest are grossly underemployed working jobs they qualified for before entering college, if not elementary school.

Of course the ruling class kids escape this. Their parents and friends simply print however many dollars they need to pay cash for their college degrees.

It is a big club, but we aren’t in it.