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my new car company

I found myself with a spare five billion dollars lying around. I have a bullet-proof plan for using it in the creation of the ultimate car company. As is popular with ideas like this, I will give it a proper newspeak name: FREEDOM MOTORS.

My first step to guarantee profitability will be to have my good friends in Congress move all liability for injury, death or failure to perform as advertised from Freedom Motors to the National Freedom Motors Injury Compensation Program. Lawmakers actually work quite inexpensively. For less than a billion dollars, I can get a fifty-fold return on investment.

Then to make sure our compensation system doesn’t break the taxpayers, and give my company a bad name for producing a demonstrably shoddy product, we will form a court specifically to handle claims against Freedom Motors … after all, our refined machines are too complex for normal juries to understand. We will supply specialists as judges who understand the big picture, and who enjoy excellent pay, benefits, perks.

The important third leg of my business plan is to make purchasing my cars mandatory.

I will pay mainstream media executives handsomely to assure the public that Freedom Motors vehicles are necessary for the safety of drivers, passengers, pedestrians, wildlife and global warming. That will provide cover behind which my privately owned politicians can hide.

The projections for the Freedom Motors business plan show growth in the first ten years from $5.7 billion to annual income of $27 billion. It gets really good from there running to $60 billion in the next four years. ($60,000,000,000)

Perhaps you think my car company idea is ludicrous.

I would be hard pressed to disagree.

But I just described the vaccine industry.

Freedom Motors is a bit nicer, though, because one could choose to not drive or occupy the cars they are forced to purchase. But nobody can escape the effects of vaccines you are forced to have injected into your body, or into your children.


Below I inserted links to seven websites that could be useful if you decide further investigation is of interest.


“…The United States has more vaccines on the childhood schedule than any other developed country, yet we have one of the sickest populations — despite spending more on healthcare than any other developed country. We are exposed to a chemical cocktail from polluted air and water, processed food laced with toxins and pesticides, and then we add vaccines to the mix.

Vaccines contain multiple additives that have no place in the human body. Chemicals that are injected and therefore bypass the body’s natural filters. Chemicals and additives that go straight to the vital organs causing numerous issues that have somehow become the new ‘normal’ in our country…”

Health Freedom Under Attack: 134 Vaccine Bills Introduced in 35 States Supporting Forced Vaccinations

NVIC Tracking 134 Vaccine Bills Introduced in 35 States

Global vaccine market revenues from 2014 to 2020


Why Vaccine-Injured Kids are Rarely Compensated