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rotten to the common core

In case you don’t have children in government indoctrination centers and have somehow remained ignorant of what they are doing to the education near-monopoly, below is an example of Common Core Math.

They are turning the few hard sciences into sewage. Mathematics used to be the refuge of people who thrived, and even required order. That doesn’t serve the masters well. They prefer obedient, unthinking laborers. Confuse the analyticals enough to swallow anything you feed them.

Paid enough, or unable to find gainful employment in a useful place, public school teachers spend 12 years with our nation’s children telling them stuff like this.

If you catch your child, grandchild, neighbor child, friend’s child or anyone with this garbage, your civic duty is to help them understand two things:
1) Common Core is what indoctrination looks like. Learn to recognize it. Pretend to accept if you must, but DO NOT let it rot your mind.

2) Genuine mathematics is a rational science.
Numbers can do magical things.
Below we have common core vs real math.