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feral reserve high

The Feral Reserve prints money out of thin air. Electronically now more than physically, but they have been making money, as opposed to earning money, since 1913.

This is the what the final stages of FIAT currencies look like … every time … no exceptions.

Austrian economists can explain the steps and stages in great, irrefutable detail.

But the Keynesian economists are the ones the Feral Reserve and friends put in place to teach and explain economics … to make the masses accept the theft.

The Keynesians say that bankers buying everything in sight with their paper money is good for the economy.

Austrian economists call that grand theft.

The Keynesians tell everyone who will listen to them that this chart (PUBLISHED BY THE SAINT LOUIS FEDERAL RESERVE BANK) can go this direction forever – no problem.

I wouldn’t bank on it.




When the Feral Reserve took ownership of the USofA money supply, paper dollars were directly convertible to silver dollars one-to-one. They even said so on the bills. Today’s Feral Reserve Notes are directly exchangeable for … other feral reserve notes.

Silver. Well, you have to buy that. The good news, if you are clever enough to buy hard money, sound money, real money, is that the banksters OWN the COMEX with paper trades – promises to deliver real silver – promises they will never keep. They just trade paper promises among themselves to keep the price down.

The real price of silver in unbacked paper dollars is 100, 200, or a LOT MORE. But in today’s manipulated market, they are incredible bargains.

If you think the federal debt pattern is unstable, you ought to make some plans and moves to protect yourself, your family and neighborhood. Having lots of things that money currently CAN BUY is where the smart money goes.

When you run out of really good ideas, buy silver.

When paper turns to dust, silver still shines.

After the reset, it will be a long, long time before intelligent people trust another fiat currency.