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ignorance is a choice

I have not seen a better introduction to our air than this one.

Look up. It is happening in your sky too.

Deny if you wish. You have to work at ignoring it.

Learn if you can.

Give me back BLUE SKIES, please.

This short video is far better than the snapshots and video clips I have quite frequently been taking [and publishing] of the Bitterroot skies. I just don’t understand ignoring something that is every day over your head going on endlessly.

The denial-gene is strong in some, I suppose.

BLUE SKIES are now a rarity – an event to be celebrated. They used to be what we had – 5 out of 7 pretty days between storms. Now a couple times a month.

How can you not notice that?

Text much???

How about them _______________ ?
(insert your favorite televised millionaire sports franchise name here).

I am sitting on an even better related post.
Cherish and share this one for a couple days.
Get used to it as fast as you can.
There is more to the story,
and it isn’t any prettier.

Or run and find some sand to hide your head in.

– Ted