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You likely have heard of Wikileaks’ Vault 7 data release. This is much like what Edward Snowden did a few years back. Of course lamestream media and the rulers are ducking, bobbing and weaving as fast as they can, but truth is a harsh master, and can be merciless to the liars.

This particular news show gets all stars possible for covering the current picture, what the information released means, the context of it, and explaining it in accessible terms. It is a great way to catch up if you haven’t been following the “Vault 7” story since it exploded.

Included is a wonderful interview with John McAfee who explains in understandable terms the who, what and how of the CIA snooping that got exposed, as well as what is meant by the phrase ‘Year Zero’ used in this information release.

There are also some bits from Julian Assange explaining what was released, what will be, and how Wikileaks will be sharing much of the information exclusively with Microsoft, Apple, Google and others who could use it to patch holes that the CIA and a world of hackers have exploited, and will exploit.

There is also an interesting debate between a couple of guests, one speaking somewhat for the current ME, while the other represents the young, frightfully ignorant ME who operated along with the vast majority in the pre-Internet-Age with “Trust the government. They are privy to information we don’t have. You must have faith that they are doing the right things in our best interests.”

I cringe to think how many people still think similarly when ignorance of that nature is a choice. I don’t know HOW we could have known in my youth, but there is precious little excuse today. Thank you Julian, Edward and others of similar knowledge, morality, strength and courage.

On with the show:

News With Ed — March 9, 2017


If I could have embedded the video, I would have. They don’t allow that. They published using the same tool I did on my short video clip: Bitterroot Biver 10-second video. I do not suspect anything nefarious in retaining ownership, it is merely a convenient, popular tool for publishing videos.

I prefer distributed publishing. It is much harder to disrupt and take down. Of course my video is not significant or vulnerable. Theirs deserves widespread publication.