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curbing the population explosion

I was the man tasked with “Office Automation” for a 1,800-person Hewlett Packard division when “micro computers” were coming from dozens of manufacturers with almost that many different operating systems in them. There was a lot of jostling, innovation and competition to see whose opsys, software and hardware would best serve office staffs.

Then the giant IBM waved its magic wand and *POOF* Bill Gates was anointed king of operating systems. That he “won the right” in our rigged court system to steal the significant ideas from Apple’s windows interface is lost in the dustbin of under-published history.

Rigged game or not, that turn in the road set Gates on the path to be worth $85.6 billion today, controller of operating systems in 83% of today’s computers and among the few who are at the pointy-end of the New World Order spear.

The Bilderberg Group does LOVE their FOUNDATIONS. Like the rest, the tax-exempt Gates Foundation can do things mere humans cannot, including getting away with grand thefts and murder. They philanthropically give free vaccines to trusting rubes around the world. Georgia Guidestones English

How sweet.

The Bilderberg Group controlled lamestream media doesn’t report the resulting death and maiming, but those are the only documented results of the mass free vaccine programs.

From the New World Order edifice, The Georgia Guidestones:


The current human population of Earth is 7,487,345,000 and climbing.
The Georgia Guidestones put a maximum limit of 500,000,000 as JOB 1.
Whoever put them up is calling for the murder of 6,987,345,000+ people.

That is no small task, but make no mistake, they fully intend to do it. None of their tools will be pleasant to normal people, but as you can see in the article below, Gates and friends have plenty of stomach for it.

Living in North America does not exempt you from their plans. We are not all that special to them. Their home game is played a bit differently than their away game, as you can see in the movie VAXXED.

Not needing to be shy about it, they can just up and tell us without any problem whatsoever. Etch it in 120-ton stone monuments, broadcast it world wide on mainstream media, publish it on the Internet …

Didja get your flu shot?

Are your kids current with their 44 vaccines by the age of 5 schedule?

Did you see that lovely sunset?

How was your GMO breakfast?

Got plenty of beer-like-substance for tonight’s game?


4 times Bill Gates said vaccines would reduce world population

Bill Gates is the multibillionaire founder of Microsoft, whose net worth as of 2/19/2017 is estimated to be a mind-boggling $85.6 billion.

Via his eponymous foundation, Gates is also famous for his philanthropy, a word that the dictionary defines as “the desire to promote the welfare of others, expressed especially by the generous donation of money to good causes.”

One of the funding outlets of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are vaccines for poor people in the Third World. From the Cambridge Dictionary:

Vaccine is a substance containing a virus or bacterium in a form that is not harmful, given to a person or animal to prevent them from getting the disease that the virus or bacterium causes.

Note that nowhere in the definition does it say vaccines are also a form of birth control or contraception.

So it’s most curious that in his speech on how to reduce global warming at the 2010 TED conference, Gates touted vaccines as a means to reduce the world’s population by as much as 10-15%. He said:

“The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s headed up to about 9 billion. Now if we do a REALLY great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health service, we could lower that by perhaps 10 to 15 percent.

I had thought that Gates’ vaccine remark was a Freudian slip or a slip of the tongue — a verbal mistake that reveals a repressed belief, thought, or emotion; something that you say that shows your true thoughts in a way that you do not intend.

But it turns out Bill Gates had made that remark of vaccines being a causal agent for population reduction at least FOUR times, as shown in [the second video]

Saying the same thing four times can no longer be called a mistake or a Freudian slip. It’s intentional.


Natural News covers the same story, with links to the same videos.

As I mentioned the other day in my post Information War, they are “Enemies Of The State”, currently suffering restrictions on the Internet.

Go there to see their take on this.

They need the traffic.

WE need them to have continued traffic…

…and sharing of their work.

Their article on this hits some really good points.

Bill Gates says vaccines can help reduce world population