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Bull* vetoes

Bullock again proves himself ignorant and incompetent to hold an office representing the people of Montana.

Twenty states have “Constitutional Carry” – that is, no law against carrying weapons regardless of whether your coat falls over it or not. There are absolutely no related problems in any of them.

With a strong, knowledgeable gun culture, Montana is no more at risk than any of them, particularly including the most recent addition to that list, New Hampshire.

Both houses of the state legislature agreed. King Bull* disagreed.

His second idiotic move Thursday was vetoing legal carry into Montana Post Offices. Over a decade ago a couple of US Postal Service employees “went postal” and shot some co-workers.

From postal service employee friends of mine, I understand the rewarding of incompetence with promotions does create a work environment atmosphere that is often quite insane and exasperating in the extreme.

But rather than even look at the cause, half-witted legislators banned lawful carry of guns in post offices, insuring that only law-breakers would be armed. That is legislative genius at work.

In Montana, legal carriers of firearms have a confusing patchwork of places they can carry capable self-defense tools and places where they must leave them in the parking lot to be vulnerable targets for thieves.

Both houses of the Montana state legislature agreed to eliminate the post offices as one of those no-go-zones.

Bullock the brain surgeon disagreed.

There is no excuse for criminal charges or even official harassment against any Montanan carrying weapons of self defense … anywhere … anyhow.

There are no rational justifications for Bullock’s vetoes. He is not only ignorant of the relevant facts, but too egotistical to trust people with genuine knowledge, and so much so that he overrides the state house and senate once again.


Gov. Steve Bullock vetoed two gun-related bills Thursday.

House Bill 262 would have allowed people to carry a handgun without a concealed carry permit.

House Bill 246 would have made it legal to carry firearms in post offices.

The bills will need 2/3 majority in each chamber to override the veto. Both bills received the 60 votes needed in the House. HB 246 is two votes short in the senate and HB 262 is three votes short in the senate. Republican leadership said the chambers will not attempt an override.