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information war

This epic ad from 1984, and the war for primacy in the fledgling “micro computer” market fits well here. Watch it below, in case you don’t remember big IBM and newborn Microsoft OWNING the industry.

You may know that I have been blogging against the empire since May 2007 … well, more FOR my community, but that, by definition, must be against statism and totalitarian efforts.

The war against us is heating up dramatically this year. You might not notice that going to the grocery store, but the Internet is the only cool tool we have against the fake media propaganda machine, the beltway bullies and the central banksters.

They know that.
They have some BIG PLAYS planned.
They cannot have honest reporting of them.
They must shut down the major Internet sources.
In order to win.

We must shut down their shut down efforts so that they lose.

What are their efforts?

How do we work against them?

Dang. I am so glad you asked.

Today I “watched” a Dave Hodges
Common Sense Show

It is strictly audio, but so well worth listening.

Click on the YouTube link below right, “America Must Stand With Alex and Mike -Here is how you can help” to watch the show yourself.

Pretty brief, succinct and since it is audio only, uses very little Internet bandwidth.

Dave Hodges:

Google is systematically taking down the Independent Media prior to launching a major event.

Google must be stopped.

Presently, Mike Adams and Alex Jones are under attack from Google. They have been banned without reason or provocation!

Google is moving towards the creation of a news environment in which your only choice will be between CNN and FOX.

You will have a choice. America must stand with Mike Adams and Alex Jones and stop the Gestapo tactics of Google. Watch this short video and then take action.

Okay, that report seemed a bit overly dramatic. So I checked.

Wow. Natural Health News has been ELIMINATED from Google feeds! My (previous) favorite anonymous web-searching tool, IXQUICK, which uses the Google search engine, DOES NOT FIND Natural Health News.

This is so unlike the Google the geeks loved, cherished and enabled to blossom. No this is very much like the Big Brother in the Apple clip above that you watched.

By the way, my new search engine will be Good, and backed by Duck Duck Go. You might want to switch over … either to them or you might as well trade your Internet service in for Lamestream Media television.

If you have never been to Natural Health News, you ought to.
It is your patriotic duty.

I previously only considered them to be a source of healthy information that helped me work and feed my body in harmony with its natural needs … and in opposition to the chemical shi*storm that the mega-corporations would have me consume.

Now that The Deep State has declared war on Natural Health News, they have moved up A LONG WAYS into fellow Enemies of the State.

Another enemy in this undeclared, but very real war is Alex Jones and his Prison Planet/InfoWars network.

Alex, like Trump, is so dang bombastic and egocentric that I have trouble watching him. BUT his themes and reports are right Very Often.

Apparently, according to Google, he is a threat to the propaganda machine that wants to take over the world… to deliver the infamous “New World Order”.

Well dang, Alex Jones just became news worth watching; worth supporting.

If you watched the audio, you know we now have to work to find both of the above on the World Wide Web. The hackers in chief want to make it difficult.

Our duty is to make their NWO job IMPOSSIBLE.

Now we have to bookmark and utilize Good as our search engine.

I tried it. Sure enough, Good Gopher still finds Natural Health News. Stinking, lowdown Google does not.

The Good Gopher home page has an extensive list of at-risk websites in the war against truth. I recognize more than half of them. I suspect they all are friends of ours. Thank you Google and Deep State for leading me to them.

There is a war on for your mind.

I hope you don’t lose it.