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Hatfields and McCoys

The “Hatfields and McCoys” is reference to a feud so famous it became synonymous with serous, even lethal battles between acquaintances, friends and relatives.

Such is the state of The Potomac Swamp today.

We get glimpses of a serious turf war between members of the ruling elite. Most of the players, who is on which side, and most plays being made are not apparent to us. It is kind-of like being in the parking lot of the stadium during a ball game.

But make no mistake, the fraction, perhaps half or more, of the rulers who lost in November are hugely powerful and have not lost in a couple of decades. This is A BIG DEAL.

I have never seen the media monopoly so united, and so many top political figures risking it all on taking the president down. Every day I admire the Secret Service a bit more. This is the highest stakes anyone has played for in my long lifetime.

Half a dozen years ago 5,200 Pentagon employees were implicated in a child porn sting operation. They were linked to a pedophilia ring, but the investigation was squashed.

Rather obviously, it is easy to OWN pedophiles. Those who can threaten absolute destruction of life, reputation, income, and more can get a person to follow ugly, distasteful, evil orders. A penchant for sex with little kids is probably as vulnerable blackmail material as exists in our society.

But that protected group lost its protection in the November election. It is the Achilles’ Heel of those who had owned the levers of power. I am betting (happily) that particular vulnerability will be exploited.

This video and the transcript below lays a bunch of the details out.

Former CIA officer: Flynn fired over high-level DC pedophile list

* Donald Trump is our chance to take down the deep state

* “White hat” intelligence community was able to stop Hillary from rigging the vote electronically like she did to Bernie

* Former CIA head John Brennan committed treason by telling lies intended to overturn the Electoral College

* John Brennan highest paid agent of Saudi Arabia, should be under FBI investigation

* Reince Priebus is an enabler and cover-upper of pedophilia — Former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert is the tip of the iceberg

* Wikileaks is going to take down Priebus?

While it is impossible for us to know exactly what is at stake, we can learn a lot from our view on the outside.

Trump is filling the positions of power with central bankers and others who have been in the all the right places their entire lives. As Gerald Celente says, “Born on third base and think they hit a triple”. So that has not outwardly changed.

Trump is talking war. More death for people who don’t live in our country. Lots more money for those whose business is creating death. So that hasn’t changed.

Quite obviously, there are members of the FBI who know many of the crimes of the past administration. Some have covered the crimes up while others would like to see the evil punished. The protectors lost the election.

With each passing day, we get more snapshots of the battle for King of the World. Which crime family will be standing when the dust settles?

Unprecedented, the Obamanation did not leave DC. His side is keeping him there for a reason. He has even suggested he might have to “step in” if Trump steps out of line. What a ridiculous line. Are we supposed to think the gay Kenyan with his pretend family were ever legitimate … and much worse, a legitimate POTUS? … and, as if it is possible to be even worse, to come back in a coup d’état?

The much bigger question to me is:
What was Hitlary willing to do that Trump is not?

November’s losing side has the world on the verge of multiple disasters: Ukraine, Iran, Syria, epic flooding, earthquake swarming, Sea of Japan, demonizing Russia, mass vaccinations, massive chemtrail program … Is there some trigger Trump will not pull?

It is going to be a show … and showdown.