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Gladiator of the Potomac

There has not been anything like it in the 50 years since John F. Kennedy took on the CIA and the Rothschild’s central bank … or the prior shakeup when Abraham Lincoln tried it.

I think the current civil war within the ranks of the ruling elite is bigger than either of those and no less dangerous for the leader of the minority. We have to go back to Andrew Jackson’s successful throwing out of the bums and the four attempts on his life to see an insurrection on the scale of what is happening in the Potomac Swamp today.

The 6 operators of mainstream media are all against Trump. Huge segments of the massive USofA bureaucracy are against him, scattered throughout every single agency and department. George Soros and his subordinates are against him. Ignorant masses are loving their license, and often pay, to rampage and tear down other people’s good stuff… to bring the successful down to their level.

This is all incredibly dicey, bold and dangerous.

While I do not love Trump, am greatly disappointed in his pro-war moves, and recognize him as a modern Mussolini, I am very much impressed with his courage.

He knew darn well what he was going up against. Yet he perseveres. This is Ron Paul level bravery that made it to the heart of the battle … where Ron did not fear to go, Trump actually made it.

Our gladiator may be a pompous ass, but dang if he doesn’t have brass the likes of which I have never seen in my lifetime, and he appears to be a dang good fighter to boot.

I am guessing the ruling elite might be divided 1/3 vs 2/3 with the greater power allied against the Donald. But the stronger fraction is also the most vulnerable to truth. Their ranks of pedophiles, their blatant economic thefts, and their mass murder on the world stage could cut their heads off.

It would be a decade or more before they could regroup. Which is of course why they have pulled out all the stops in this battle. They have EVERYTHING to lose.

Heckuva show.

There are a couple of articles I just ran across that cover this in much greater detail. If you are at all suspicious that I might have some of the above correct, you ought to go a touch deeper with the following links.

Operation American Spring: Will the Trump Movement Outflank the Purple Revolutionaries?

…Make no mistake about it, there is a Purple Revolution being carried out under cover of extreme stealth and secrecy. Highly consequential events now occur daily, all under the radar and in the shadows across America.

This extremely furtive revolution against the Trump Administration is also being waged against the United States of America and We the People. Without question, it represents the primary New World Order agenda and Neocon plan for the complete takeover of the U.S. Federal Government.

Agents of this Neocon cabal such as George Soros and Barack Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton are only the faces of this seditious movement to overthrow President Donald J. Trump. In fact, the levels of complex conspiracy go much deeper into Deep State than anyone will ever know. If you hear them or see them, they are not the true power or money behind this fundamentally communist movement…

Secretary of State Tillerson Fires Most of the Shadow Government

…In the Clinton State Department, a rogue shadow government existed in secret from the 7th floor. These policy makers publicly boasted about their secretive operations. And you can bet that some of them have been responsible for much of the transition angst experienced by the Trump administration. So Tillerson terminated them.

This is a dramatic move, as it signaled that policy will now be controlled by the White House, not professional diplomats. And not a moment too soon…

…For example, during EmailGate, according to The New York Post Undersecretary Patrick Kennedy offered the FBI a quid pro quo to tamper with Clinton’s emails.

If the Bureau marked Clinton emails unclassified, an FBI summary reported, “State would reciprocate by allowing the FBI to place more agents in countries where they were presently forbidden.”

Kennedy attempted a blatant cover-up. He actually wanted the FBI to change U.S. policy so that it appeared Clinton hadn’t recklessly endangered America’s national security.

The Benghazi Traitors are Gone, Too