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Trump to clean up Mexico

Trump is talking tough to the president of Mexico.

“You have some bad hombres down there. You are not doing enough to clean them out. If your military cannot do it, I am thinking about sending ours. Your military might be afraid to take them on, but ours isn’t.”

Who does this buffoon think he is? What game show does he think he is playing on?

Of course ending “the war on drugs” would remove the prohibition profit, ending the drug cartel riches that far exceed the entire Mexican economy. That, obviously, does not address their hidden agenda, only the stated one; their cover story.

Trump is also threatening Iran after they tested a missile.

You are threatening the stability of the region.

We won’t allow that.

The US guided missile destroyer, the USS Porter, has entered the Black Sea citing “maritime security,” and to participate in multinational Sea Shield drills, the US navy has announced. For those of you geographically challenged, the Black Sea is completely on the other side of the planet from USofA coasts and land masses.

Mr. Tough-Guy authorized a bloody special operations raid in Yemen yesterday. A lot of civilian men, women and children died in a community that posed no threat to US in any way, shape or form … and is continuing to supply the Saudis with bombs to drop on the hapless Yemenis who inadvertently parked their country on significant yet-untapped oil reserves.

As long as he continues the war machine operations, they will likely let him continue to drive the bus.
… well that, and continuing to allow the feral reserve to continue bleeding us dry.

The military-industrial complex has a long history in this area – of spending trillions of dollars, hundred thousands of lives to kill millions of people, destroy cultures and civilizations, while accomplishing none of the stated objectives: Korea, Vietnam, Libya, Ukraine, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, and Afghanistan (the longest war in USofA history – and still no declaration of war, objectives or plan to end it.).

Sure, Donald, let’s add wars in Iran and Mexico to our agenda.

Remind me again, which duck are you?