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electricity – who needs it?

I hope you aren’t overly attached to electrical devices and the power grid delivering it regularly. As I pointed out last July, USAF has reoccupied Cheyenne Mountain as insurance against EMP attacks. Were I in a leadership position of some country threatened by the USofA adventurism, launching an EMP from a container ship near the Pacific, Atlantic or Gulf coast would be one of the crucial first steps to cut the power of the world’s dominant military machine. I am no great military mind, but fershur if I can see this, there are Chinese, Koreans, Iranians, Russians and others who can too… and who could do the job any time they wished. Those of us labeled “conspiracy theorists” by the […]

curbing the population explosion

I was the man tasked with “Office Automation” for a 1,800-person Hewlett Packard division when “micro computers” were coming from dozens of manufacturers with almost that many different operating systems in them. There was a lot of jostling, innovation and competition to see whose opsys, software and hardware would best serve office staffs. Then the giant IBM waved its magic wand and *POOF* Bill Gates was anointed king of operating systems. That he “won the right” in our rigged court system to steal the significant ideas from Apple’s windows interface is lost in the dustbin of under-published history. Rigged game or not, that turn in the road set Gates on the path to be worth $85.6 billion today, controller of […]

Bull* vetoes

Bullock again proves himself ignorant and incompetent to hold an office representing the people of Montana. Twenty states have “Constitutional Carry” – that is, no law against carrying weapons regardless of whether your coat falls over it or not. There are absolutely no related problems in any of them. With a strong, knowledgeable gun culture, Montana is no more at risk than any of them, particularly including the most recent addition to that list, New Hampshire. Both houses of the state legislature agreed. King Bull* disagreed. His second idiotic move Thursday was vetoing legal carry into Montana Post Offices. Over a decade ago a couple of US Postal Service employees “went postal” and shot some co-workers. From postal service […]

information war

This epic ad from 1984, and the war for primacy in the fledgling “micro computer” market fits well here. Watch it below, in case you don’t remember big IBM and newborn Microsoft OWNING the industry. You may know that I have been blogging against the empire since May 2007 … well, more FOR my community, but that, by definition, must be against statism and totalitarian efforts. The war against us is heating up dramatically this year. You might not notice that going to the grocery store, but the Internet is the only cool tool we have against the fake media propaganda machine, the beltway bullies and the central banksters. They know that. They have some BIG PLAYS planned. They cannot […]

more on the soft coup

I’ve mentioned the civil war among the ruling elites, now better known as “the soft coup”. In a well-armed country with widespread Internet access, a straight-up coup d’état probably won’t work. But they are building up for it. Clearly, their plans for world domination, for their quite publicly announced “new world order” required Hitlary. The Donald ruins some aspect of the plan. Here is more supporting evidence. Watch the video. Check your premises. Exercise your smell tester. IMPORTANT VIDEO: Former CIA officer: Flynn fired over high-level DC pedophile list Key Points • Former CIA officer Robert David Steele explains how Flynn was really fired because he was in possession of a high-level Washington DC • Pedophile list with many names. One […]

duel of the mind controllers

It is called television programming for a reason. I cannot imagine accepting the product spewing out of mainstream media uncritically. Particularly after their long, proven, consistent record of ERRORS – or deliberate, planned, organized propaganda. But for many, it is their only source – and all is forgiven because the polish is so nice and presenters are so pretty. Well that, and the ease with which information comes their way. No having to sort out between differing sides of a story. No analysis, or thinking required. Just accept the product and consider yourself INFORMED. MIS-informed is kind-of the same thing, I suppose – or similar enough to be confused with real knowledge. At least there is something occupying their brains. […]

Hatfields and McCoys

The “Hatfields and McCoys” is reference to a feud so famous it became synonymous with serous, even lethal battles between acquaintances, friends and relatives. Such is the state of The Potomac Swamp today. We get glimpses of a serious turf war between members of the ruling elite. Most of the players, who is on which side, and most plays being made are not apparent to us. It is kind-of like being in the parking lot of the stadium during a ball game. But make no mistake, the fraction, perhaps half or more, of the rulers who lost in November are hugely powerful and have not lost in a couple of decades. This is A BIG DEAL. I have never seen […]

sneezing etiquette

Though nearly a decade old, this video on minimizing the spread of diseases should be shared again. The easiest reflex is to put your hand up to keep from blasting everyone nearby. But it is wrong. Mythbusters took on the sleeve VS hand and hankie in the lower video. While the upper one uses logic and expects you to trust them, as is their mission, Mythbusters finds a way to test the theory.

Gladiator of the Potomac

There has not been anything like it in the 50 years since John F. Kennedy took on the CIA and the Rothschild’s central bank … or the prior shakeup when Abraham Lincoln tried it. I think the current civil war within the ranks of the ruling elite is bigger than either of those and no less dangerous for the leader of the minority. We have to go back to Andrew Jackson’s successful throwing out of the bums and the four attempts on his life to see an insurrection on the scale of what is happening in the Potomac Swamp today. The 6 operators of mainstream media are all against Trump. Huge segments of the massive USofA bureaucracy are against him, […]

more local dam news

Painted Rocks dam – with no overflow systemIn honor of California’s dam problems, the local Ravalli Republic newspaper just published an article on The Painted Rocks dam. Probably more thanks to the agitation of Dallas Erickson than the threatening disaster of Oroville. If you have been watching the unfolding drama as the crumbling dam gets pushed to, and perhaps beyond its limit, you know that the main spillway damage first observed 4 years ago has now rendered that spillway hazardous to use. The emergency overflow was deemed inadequate and unusable 12 years ago. Surprise, surprise, surprise, turns out that it is indeed unusable without catastrophic erosion. Several years ago, California politicians pushed through a “water bond” to fix aging and […]

dam threatens Bitterroot

I have published 6 articles in the last 3 years about the risk posed downstream from the Painted Rocks dam reservoir. A couple of them were from when I was attempting to work with the Ravalli County Office of Emergency Services. Bitterroot Bugle previous articles on Painted Rocks I cannot forget how my meeting with the head and his assistant went. The assistant, by the way, is now the agency chief. “ According to your data, a Painted Rocks Dam failure would put a 20-40 foot wall of water through The West Fork, Conner and Darby, and 20 feet through Hamilton. Do you believe that assesment? Well, we aren’t engineers, but yes, we believe their analysis. That would mean perhaps […]

ice dam

East Fork of The Bitterroot River frozen over Ice dams form as Bitterroot river thaws

losing it

Over the last couple of years, my mealtime portions shrunk significantly, seconds stopped and most of my lovely, wonderful carbohydrates have been cut back dramatically to a shadow of their former, joyous selves. But relentlessly, month-by-month, my aging metabolism has reduced my inspiration to burn the necessary calories that would keep my waistline contained in my pants utilizing only the size I want to wear. Couple that with a digital scale that is pretty-darn merciless in explaining loud and clear what the mirror has been trying to tell me. It was the scale that finally, well, tipped the scale. The dang thing tried to warn me off, but I wouldn’t listen. Finally it screamed, 199.5. Oh no! THAT WILL […]

power failure

It was fully dark outside when I woke up. Hmmm, my digital clock is off. The cord and connections are not easily accessed. I’ll figure out what’s wrong with my clock in the light of day. All I know for sure is we are somewhere between evening and morning. I wonder where? Flushing the toilet, there is no tank refill. No water flowing into the tank and, therefore, no power to the mutual water system. The lack of juice is much more widespread than just my clock, and has gone on long enough for the neighbors to use up the pressure tank contents. Happily, we have good people in Ravalli Electric Co-op who undoubtedly are working on restoring power. Back […]