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capped the dude

Shortly after I switched from a ’63 Porsche hardtop to a topless ’56 Porsche Speedster, I tripped over a street merchant in San Francisco who was hawking his hand-made caps. It was a bit more than I could justify spending, but an elk-hide Greek fisherman’s cap fit my head, needs and desires so well that it went home with me.

It became “The Speedster Hat”. It lived in The Speedster and rode on my head summer, winter, rain and shine. That was 20 years of fitting my head, and everything else I could want in a hat.

I sold the Speedster to finance my escape from California to Idaho. I had no intention of including The Hat in the transaction, but have not seen it since. Musta-done.

Twenty years with a favorite hat that was nowhere near worn out. Now I have been 16 years without it. I have a lot of hats in a wide variety, but no hat has come along that I liked as much. Silly or not, I continue to lament the loss.

Just over a week ago we watched the movie Weekend of a Champion. Jackie Stewart had a signature cap he wore everywhere, much like my favorite. He even talked about the cap itself.

That tears it. I went shopping and treated myself to a new cap.

It is not elk hide. It is not made by a street merchant. But I think it will turn the trick for me.

Initially I was seeking a leather “Greek Fisherman’s Cap” as close as possible to the long lost loved one. I bought a wool version a year or so ago, but did not love it. Maybe leather would make the difference.

Shopping all over, I found what I wanted at Turns out all the Greek Fisherman caps have scrambled-egg and braided bits on them unlike the plain one I treasured. BUT, their leather Fiddler Cap was just what I was looking for.

It is here. I like it. A bit stiff, but I think it will serve well. I just need to spend 20 years breaking it in.

While it didn’t strike me while I was shopping for style and function, the name of the style turns out to be quite appropriate, given my second instrument is a bass fiddle. I do admit, to my eyes, it looks right with the bass.