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a bit cold here

This morning I woke up to discover our home (including the East Fork of The Bitterroot River) had been moved into North Dakota. I don’t know how it was done, but one look at the thermometer told me it was so.

After the sun was up for a while, I thought to open the window and take a photo of the thermometer outside my studio.

It was approximately three tick-marks below the lowest one on the C scale (left) side before the sun started heating the place up.

I estimate that would be -28 or -29 Centigrade or as you young’uns like to write, Celsius … down by the East Fork of The Bitterroot River. That comes out to -20 or thereabouts on the Fahrenheit scale.

I bought a new thermometer whose scale goes lower to be installed today next to the one with the “California-style” lower limit.

THAT ought to keep the super low temperatures away from now on. Nothing scares away brutality like exposure. These mean lows will probably just move on to where they belong.

Maybe if I get an automatic snowfall gauge, the snowstorms will lighten up a bit too.