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phaith in pharma

While it might be a happy place for the masses, I am not as trusting of those at the top of the Federal-Reserve-Note food chain. In most cases, scratch the surface to find the rich and powerful left trails of bodies in their wakes.

I am amazed and disappointed by the blind faith intelligent people use as their guide. I really don’t feel I was genetically given extraordinary intelligence, but the masses are oblivious to cultural-political components that are obvious to me. I occasionally struggle to comprehend what strikes me as deliberate action to choose worshiping evil over rejecting it. The trusting lambs seem smart enough in many ways, yet march right onto the killing floor to the soothing words “I’m from the government; trust me”.

The war on non-prescription drugs is a perfect example. Several presidents in a row have used them. Congress and The Bilderberg Group widely use them. But use of self-prescribed medicines could land peasants in prison for a long time. Why? Because that challenges Big Pharma; it undermines their market – it could crush it, in fact.

Check the campaign contributions. Big pharma is paying as much for the politicians as any group. What are they getting for their investments?

Laws against healthy alternatives.

Can you believe governments are passing out felony drug-use convictions and putting people in prison to improve their lives? That is the line we are expected to buy.

Essential oils, acupuncture, chiropractic, healthy food, herbalists, cannabis oil and many more “alternatives” are under constant assault by the FDA. Not because of any danger to you and me, but because of the hazard they represent to those who OWN the lawmakers.

Like inbreeding of an isolated community, the protectionist racket of the super-wealthy is a straightforward system of lawmaker bribes and revolving doors between the protected industries and those providing the protection to them.

The believers accept it saying,
“Gee, where else could they find people with expertise in the field. Of course they hire industry leaders to regulate those industries.”

Yet I regularly find REAL expertise in many fields among the strongest critics of the government approved line. Scientists who do genuine scientific research are vilified by big pharma, blackballed by regulators, crucified by the media monopoly, but have solid proof of corruption, malfeasance and unadulterated evil behind the chemical drug industry.

It would be easy to find regulatory agency heads whose motivation aligned with that of we the people.

To find agency heads who were interested in, and able to rein in the run-amok industry could be easily achieved.

But that is not why the regulatory agencies exist.

These are not mistakes.

They are The Point.

In the topsy-turvey world we live in … belay that, in the topsy-turvy world we have created by our inaction, you can trust big pharma and the regulators thereof to lie with absolutely perfect regularity.

That assumption would be correct nearly every time.

If perchance a truth were to slip through, you would find it from a hundred other sources first.

Remember: every chemical withdrawn from the market by the FDA was first “FDA Approved”.