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desperate to cause WWIII

In a crazy move, acting out on a foundation of their own known propaganda, the puppet-masters have their toy tossing Russian diplomats out of our country. This is crazy stuff.

With three weeks left in power, the current Potomac Swamp administration is

1) continuously repeating their claim that “The Russians” are responsible for the Democratic Party’s election disaster and, in particular, the leaks of damning internal Democratic Party e-mails. This has repeatedly and widely been proven to be the work of disgusted party insiders. Repeating the lie often enough isn’t working for them in the real world.
Message to DC: We don’t believe you!

2) Based on the above fictitious meddling, they are adding more serious sanctions against Russia and taking the internationally illegal, and provocative step of expelling Russian diplomats from the USofA…. again, based on what everyone in The Real World knows to be lies made up by the proven most violent liars of the world.

Larry Johnson, a former CIA and USofA State Department official characterized the actions thusly:

“Obama behaving like alcoholic in a closing bar.

I think it is important for the perspective of the Russian people that they look at Barack Obama right now like a drunk, and alcoholic in a bar: it is closing time; he has been informed he can’t have the last drink, and he is now throwing wild punches and breaking furniture.

The bar is going to close in a little bit. He’ll be gone in three weeks. There will be a time to have a genuine reset in the US-Russian relationship.

This is absurd and ridiculous on so many levels. Just one illustration is: Obama’s administration announces they are going to carry out covert operations. Last time I checked ‘covert operations,’ they were operations that were not disclosed in public. So they are disclosing in public operations that they are not supposed to disclose.

It is that level of juvenile, childish behavior. I can fully understand the anger of the Russian officials would feel at this, particularly since the e-mails were leaked – they were not hacked.”

For their part, the Russian rulers are avoiding the bar fight. Rather than accepting the challenge and just laying the drunk out, they are walking away from it, as if knowing the drunk will pass out on his own real soon.

I’m hoping these dang DC fools don’t pick up the guns they have lying around and start the destructive shooting war they have been itching for, and trying to provoke for the last several years.

A fuller article on the topic:

New sanctions underscore vindictiveness & pettiness of Obama administration