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The amateur license database is not what I consider a high risk place to occupy. A bunch of radio geeks scattered across the country is not an attractive target to anyone. Many of them are radio poor. That is like being horse poor. They have a lot of very expensive … belay that… very, very expensive radio gear and live on beans and rice to afford their radio habit. No guns. NO gold. No consumer electronics. Nothing worth stealing.

That isn’t completely or universally true, but as a target group for evil-dooers, they aren’t a good one.

On the other hand, having people who can transmit and receive information to and from your entire area, region and the world is handy as all get out to any group of people trying to survive disasters or emergencies.

Ham operators who have functioning equipment will be prized members of any community.
How do you insure you have functioning equipment?
Learn enough about radio to set it up. It is not simple, but it is not beyond your capacity to learn in a few months.
Use it.
Refine it.
Practice with it.
Make connections with it.
You will not be welcome in the community of radio operators without the license AND you will be at risk of drawing the regulators down on you. Unwanted, unnecessary and potentially expensive attention.

Taking the test from your area’s Volunteer Examiners will introduce you to the local radio operators. Get to know them. They will be instrumental in your learning to communicate utilizing amateur radios. While some can be extremely immersed in their one area of expertise, many are exceedingly generous with their time, skill and tools.