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farewell facebook

Maybe I should call it “fakebook”. Nah. Fakebooks are books full of standard charts that musicians use to “fake it” when they don’t have a song down pat. I have several of them… jazz, latin, dixieland…

Meanwhile, back on facebook…

The Internet, primarily facebook destroyed the drop-dead-certain coronation of Clinton II. The ruling elite and its mainstream media monopoly were so convinced they had it perfectly rigged that Newsweek even printed and distributed a “Hillary Wins!” issue. Boy would I love to have one of those, but they recalled ’em all.

However, The Bilderberg Group isn’t inclined to make the same mistake twice. Facebook has to change.

They own it too, after all. Zuckerberg isn’t some lucky genius. He is one of them, and with their help, created this tool that has people eagerly, purposely, voluntarily pouring their lives and connections into The Great Big Brother Database. With 97% of the money in the world behind him, his little “Harvard back room project” could not fail.

Ah, but their data mining bonanza had an unanticipated, or more likely underanticipated consequence. We shared Clinton dirt far and wide. And there was a treasure trove of it to share.

Her deaf, dumb and blind devotees numbered too few to fill high school gyms at her rallies, and they couldn’t even get enough dead people to vote her into office.

So they are pulling facebook into the mainstream media monopoly fold. Instead of 6 CEOs controlling 95% of the media, there will now be 7. Rockefeller’s grandson just got a seat at the table.

The ‘war on fake news’ puts a handy-dandy switch on every facebook post so the troll factories merely need to click a mouse on anything that disagrees with their prescribed “truths” and it goes away – *POOF*.

Well, Dang! There goes a cool tool. Now what?

Someone needs to develop an alternative.

Who-ho, lookee there. Someone did.

Anonymous. is such a place. I recently found (on facebook) that Anonymous was being given credit for the creation of … and, more importantly that it is “open source”, like the hugely popular Linux operating systems.

What that means to computer geeks is that the source code that tells the computers what to do is widely, readily available to anyone who wants to look at it … or contribute by writing pieces of it themselves.

So no Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, or any other programmers can hide dirty tricks inside the system. The geeks will catch and burn them right away. And, by the way, private geeks are smarter and better motivated than government semi-geeks.

Open source also means that talented programmers can add tools, toys and tricks by writing the code and submitting it to the distributors of the system. So while it is in its infancy today, will get trickier and more interesting at a rapid pace.

I signed up for it June of 2015. After banging around briefly, I walked away, leaving the engine running, but untended. Now Bilderberg, Zuckerberg and company have motivated me to find or create an alternative. Well, it looks like might be exactly what I wanted.

With 2,644 near and dear friends on facebook, It did serve as a useful political, information sharing tool. So I’ll keep a foot in both rooms for a while, but am hoping I can just migrate altogether soon.

C’mon over.

See you there.