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Syrians celebrate

Today I ran across a news video from the BBC where Syrians are celebrating their country’s recovery of Aleppo, and other victories against the takeover orchestrated by You-Know-Who.

That the celebration seems genuine doesn’t surprise me. That mainstream media shows it, does… kind-of refreshing. Real news … from them. Working on their credibility?

For over three years, the world’s military powerhouse has been trying to take over Syria. You can track my posts on the subject here:

Knowledgeable populace has thwarted them several times. In the end, it was force against force that stopped it. Sadly, I have to add the caveat “for now”, because the power brokers have yet to give up any of their long-term goals.

You can go back in the above set of Bitterroot Bugle articles to see some of why they want control of Syria. It is not news. Their greed and lust for power is limited only by the life of the parasites … or, as has yet to happen, a countervailing force of the people.

May we live to see the latter.