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Kissinger agreeing with Trump???

Paul Craig Roberts is an ex-insider who left the farm and quite regularly exposes their ugliness from a position of real knowledge. I regularly visit his Paul Craig Roberts website, where today his headline leapt off my screen and into my face. I have been wondering the same dang thing. The entire Bilderberg Group has pulled out all the stops to keep Trump out of The White House. Now a several-decades-long tier-two guy jumps out of the conga line to support one of Trump’s initiatives… that of getting along with Russia, rather than doing their ever-loving best to trigger nuclear Armageddon by incessantly poking, prodding, challenging and tormenting The Bear. That’s at least a triple-HUH!!! to me. Why would Henry […]

desperate to cause WWIII

In a crazy move, acting out on a foundation of their own known propaganda, the puppet-masters have their toy tossing Russian diplomats out of our country. This is crazy stuff. With three weeks left in power, the current Potomac Swamp administration is 1) continuously repeating their claim that “The Russians” are responsible for the Democratic Party’s election disaster and, in particular, the leaks of damning internal Democratic Party e-mails. This has repeatedly and widely been proven to be the work of disgusted party insiders. Repeating the lie often enough isn’t working for them in the real world. Message to DC: We don’t believe you! 2) Based on the above fictitious meddling, they are adding more serious sanctions against Russia and […]

making music for your health

You know you like it. You run your electronic music-producing electronics A LOT. Those of you who play a musical instrument, or sing feel good while you are doing it, as well as afterwards. Numerous studies show increased health, learning ability, brain capacity and more in those who make music – in any way… that includes the didgeredoo, the love of one co-author in the article below. The two of them studied and quantified the effects. Add this as one more research article supporting musicianship as a positive for humans. Click the links to the article for the whole thing. I admit to cutting out the didgeredoo-centric part as that is not my thing. The website has A LOT about […]

misspent youth

Actually millions upon millions of them … thanks to the Prussian education model replicated in our country and most of the world. With today’s technology, here is a tantalizing tease of what could be: “In education markets, like the Asian tutoring industry, top teachers are superstars who get to design curricula for thousands or even millions of students and train scores or hundreds of other teachers to use their effective methods. Quality providers expand and are emulated by competitors, and there is a powerful incentive for meaningful innovation. … One teacher in Korea’s private tutoring sector made $2 million last year because his web-based employer has profit sharing and he’s brilliant at what he does, so he gets tons of […]

radio communications

The amateur license database is not what I consider a high risk place to occupy. A bunch of radio geeks scattered across the country is not an attractive target to anyone. Many of them are radio poor. That is like being horse poor. They have a lot of very expensive … belay that… very, very expensive radio gear and live on beans and rice to afford their radio habit. No guns. NO gold. No consumer electronics. Nothing worth stealing. That isn’t completely or universally true, but as a target group for evil-dooers, they aren’t a good one. On the other hand, having people who can transmit and receive information to and from your entire area, region and the world is […]

community preparedness

Around my neck of the woods there are many people who have given significant consideration, time and money to Preparedness. Most of them have a small family unit they are preparing with and for. Hunker down and wait in your foxhole until the world is once again a beautiful place. I do not foresee that working. It looks to me like waiting until an overwhelming force, or a hole in the planning overwhelms THE PLAN. The very reason our modern society has been granted the opportunity to grow inattentive, lazy and complacent is the magical power of community, specialization and versatility. Couples and little groups have precious little of that. As for mutual defense, I cannot imagine the little fortress […]

farewell facebook

Maybe I should call it “fakebook”. Nah. Fakebooks are books full of standard charts that musicians use to “fake it” when they don’t have a song down pat. I have several of them… jazz, latin, dixieland… Meanwhile, back on facebook… The Internet, primarily facebook destroyed the drop-dead-certain coronation of Clinton II. The ruling elite and its mainstream media monopoly were so convinced they had it perfectly rigged that Newsweek even printed and distributed a “Hillary Wins!” issue. Boy would I love to have one of those, but they recalled ’em all. However, The Bilderberg Group isn’t inclined to make the same mistake twice. Facebook has to change. They own it too, after all. Zuckerberg isn’t some lucky genius. He is […]

Merry Christmas

Whatever your religion or lack thereof, I hope you enjoy the tradition of sharing time and joy with your family, perhaps even some thoughtful gifts. While modern equipment enables us to determine that our sun’s descent, and the shortening of the days ended this year on December 21st, cultures for thousands of years figured somewhere around December 25th the source of warmth and life was reborn. They all celebrated the hope for a happy, healthy, flourishing new year. Their fables, mythologies, religions all acknowledged that in strikingly similar fashions. Not wanting to slight any of them, I will celebrate all of their immaculate conceptions and December 25th birthdays. Horus (c. 3000 BCE) Osiris (c. 3000 BCE) Attis of Phrygia (c.1400 […]

self-directed education

You might know from (some of) my 59 posts here on the topic, that education, that is truly FREE education is a subject near and dear to my heart. The website everything voluntary just published a real nice, well supported article about education that I find well worth sharing. Why Our Coercive System of Schooling Should ToppleWritten by Peter Gray I’ve been called a crazy optimist, a Pollyanna, a romantic idealist. How can I believe that our system of compulsory (forced) schooling is about to collapse? People point out that in many ways the schooling system is stronger now than ever. It occupies more of children’s time, gobbles up more public funds, employs more people, and is more firmly […]

postcard from Conner

December 22nd view outside our cabin window… lest I forget that our world is a beautiful place.

Syrians celebrate

Today I ran across a news video from the BBC where Syrians are celebrating their country’s recovery of Aleppo, and other victories against the takeover orchestrated by You-Know-Who. That the celebration seems genuine doesn’t surprise me. That mainstream media shows it, does… kind-of refreshing. Real news … from them. Working on their credibility? For over three years, the world’s military powerhouse has been trying to take over Syria. You can track my posts on the subject here: Knowledgeable populace has thwarted them several times. In the end, it was force against force that stopped it. Sadly, I have to add the caveat “for now”, because the power brokers have yet to give up any of their long-term goals. […]

electoral college coup

The ruling elite are not without their struggles. Obviously Trump, Putin and others aren’t going along with the majority plan. Trump was supposed to look so silly that Clinton would win. Putin was supposed to let Syria fall. These guys knew that, yet decided the New World Order plan was just a skosh too ugly, and rebelled. I agree with the rebels. I don’t know if they can prevent the horrors and chaos planned, or even how much of it they want to prevent. But any disruption of the whole catastrophe is a step in the right direction. So while I am no fan of The Donald, I do want to see the anti-Trumps fall on their faces I would […]

disgusted with success

Their successes are impressive. Ugly, but admirable in thoroughness. They learn from each failure, developing new mechanisms to expand their cancerous growth. I am taking a break from my normal style, and that of mainstream Internet news publishing. I am not going to take the time to research and install links to supporting documentation. If you don’t remember or know something I write about here, go looking. It is all out there, most in articles at this website. The Rothschild family with their subordinate Bilderberg Group inner circle have been building the world we live in for centuries. Most of the plays they make to move the sheep around are rather simple; easily understood. False flags like the Aurora […]

men with long hair

I meant to include some of these photos with yesterday’s post The Longhairs. […]