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Pentagon pedophiles

Pedophilia is a powerful tool, hugely useful to the ruling elite. Imagine the power of having that proclivity and associated perverse activities to hold over the heads of key people.

In 2006 they discovered, and published in mainstream media newspapers, 5,200 people working in the Pentagon in possession of kiddie porn. They were investigating 1,700 of them for prosecution.

The story disappeared.

The pedophiles did not.

No. They just do what they are told to do by the people who now OWN them. Except for two out of the 1,700 who got prosecuted (for not jumping high enough or bowing low enough).

This story is repeated throughout the seats of power world wide. Running child prostitutes is not just profitable, it is powerful beyond our imagination. Sex with children is the bait. The pervs are on the hook for the rest of their lives. The puppetmasters have, probably, hundreds of thousands of them on their strings.
There is no benefit to the elites in prosecuting or stopping pedophilia. Quite the opposite is true. Treating Slick Willy and others like him to rides on The Lolita Express, or hooking them up with other pedophilia support services, is simply business – very crafty business.

We will protect, facilitate and serve your lust for sex with children as long as you follow orders, hire and promote who we designate and keep your mouth shut. You might as well enjoy it, because otherwise, your life is over. Your world will know what you are, and so will your fellow prison inmates.

The Internet is the worst enemy of those who would control all relevant media without it. They even tried to use the horrors of kiddie porn to shut down our free speech and free press that the Internet protects. Ironic, eh?

Do your own search. Here are a few of the links to articles that I found.
It goes on and on as far as you want to take it.


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