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Ted Speedster1
An online friend posed a couple of questions that got me thinking. Their intent was to inspire finding and focusing personal passion in a income-generating, or work-related setting.

I am in the fortunate position of being able to take one step further back from that view.

While I am not sharing my personal excursion through this exercise,Trombone Ted I am publishing the process.

You can apply it to me from your view if you wish, but I am offering it to you for your own purposes that you may be inspired to do the exercise for yourself or others near and dear to you.

Find a quiet space and ask yourself:

What do I love doing?
Just write them in at first. Put them in order later.

What do I like doing?
I had to add this as a repository for things I am less passionate about, but that deserved consideration.

What am I good at?
This better include the stuff above, or a plan to fix it.

What do I spend my time doing?
This is what got me going this morning. Mine is not much of the lists above.

What am I particularly glad I did?
Here is where we begin to figure out what we should fit into every day, week, year.

… at the end of the day?

… at the end of the week?

… looking back over the years?
What will I wish I did?
This is similar to the above, but with a futuristic bias.

… at the end of the day?

… at the end of the week?

… looking back over the years?

What actions of mine do I, will I regret?

I am not, have not been so good that I am willing to share all of my regrets with anyone. But I learned from every mistake, and some were powerful lessons that continue to influence me. Those aren’t exactly what I had in mind when asking this question, though it jumped up. Ted welding

I was thinking more of what I frittered my time away on when I should have put higher priority on things that are rewarding to me.

It is that focus I am writing about today. I mean to ask myself the questions above, answer them honestly to myself, then look at what that tells me about how I am spending my time.

I am strongly suspicious that I am not, or have not been doing it right FOR ME of late.

Sharing with you shows up on my list in multiple places.