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Hillary’s part in the chess game

Hint: It is not the queen.

Hillary is simply a piece on the board, but not the queen

Hillary simply another piece on the board

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The actual rulers selected her as the future puppet-in-chief long ago. Now that “her time” is near, she ups and melts down. Not only is the skeleton-closet door blowing apart, her health is so bad they can’t even prop her up for more than a carefully selected few minutes of interview time with the friendliest of the controlled media.

The Bilderbergs know all this, yet keep her as the prime choice for the future election. They have known all of that for quite some time… certainly long enough to have changed horses before the race got anywhere near this close to the finish line.

So what is the game?

This is a really big-board chess game. It would be quite useful to be thinking a move or two ahead.

My instinct says the election rigging machinery is programmed for a Hitlary win. They merely have to keep her alive, and continue throwing wet blankets over the smoldering ruins of her credibility that threaten to burst into a oil-refinery-grade fire.

Their move could be planned for the time between the election and the inauguration … or between now and the election. The whole show is quite a distraction. The masses are watching just about anything but what is significant.

I was about to say that we get a ring-side seat for the greatest show in several centuries, BUT, for better or worse, we are actually in the ring.

We will live in interesting times.