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DEA’s death throes

The DEA and ATF are perfect examples of bureaucracy in search of a reason to exist. Both, in spite of the efforts of very expensive administrators, have failed to find legitimate answers. And both succeed in assaulting life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in a distinctly less free country thanks to them.

ATF started life to pursue producers and consumers of alcohol when that substance was prohibited by an over-reaching federal government. Picking off an occasional producer or distributor made the product more expensive and riskier. As we all know, it did nothing to slow consumption, but did create a huge profitable industry on both sides of the illegal booze war.

When that social program went away, the bureaucracy redefined itself rather than cease to exist. Knowing that “monitoring alcohol to insure its safety” would not adequately keep them alive, they added tobacco and firearms to their special policing niche. Not that regular police needed any help in these particular areas, but that the ATF needed a reason to exist.

That group, by the way, has changed their name several times – usually after a particularly ugly blowup where they kill innocent people, like Ruby Ridge, Waco and such. Alcohol-Tobacco-Firearms is the ATF part. Intermittently adding and subtracting “Bureau” and “Explosives” to their initials has given the leaders a sense they can hide from time to time … like a two-year-old hiding behind their hands.

It is the same with the Drug Enforcement Agency. There is nothing special about their specialty that requires a billion dollar bureaucracy and out-of-control army-wannabe police force. But lack of purpose doesn’t kill anything in the District of Criminals.

More than half of registered voters think cannabis should be legalized, and more than 89% favor allowing it to be medically prescribed. From total decriminalization to limited medial use in about half the states, legal cannabis is a $6.7 BILLION dollar industry. In places where it is illegal, it is probably worth a whole lot more… money that goes to criminal organizations dodging the criminal organizations that are pursuing them.

We lose.

Whether we want to use it or not, this whole war has destroyed our liberties like nothing else they could have done. Asset forfeiture, SWAT raids, illegal searches, spying … the war on people supplying and using cannabis has excused a trashing of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution of the United States.

Which pretty much tells you why it is still going on after proving to be a complete failure in its stated purposes for fifty years running.

This comes up here thanks to two articles I ran across and republished today. The first, from Forbes, discusses the absurdity of the fresh announcement by the DEA that cannabis will remain what they call a “schedule 1 drug”. That is their terminology for a substance that is completely harmful with no possible useful effects.

DEA’s Hypocritical Marijuana Decision Ignores The Evidence

As the article points out, with numerous links to supporting evidential research and papers, cannabis has a plethora of proven medical uses; perhaps one of the most miraculous of all herbal remedies.

The second article I share focuses a bit more on the WHY of the war on cannabis. The post includes a short YouTube video that tells the story well.

Ever Wonder Why Marijuana Is Illegal?

If you are aware already, or open to the possibility, I encourage you to check those two articles out. Better yet, share them with others who are in one of those two categories. We have to fight this thing with knowledge. That is how we have gotten as far as we have. We are quite close to ending this war victoriously.

DEA is in its death throes, and claiming there are NO medical benefits to cannabis in the face of nearly overwhelming evidence otherwise is clearly a dying beast thrashing about in its last moments.

Keep the heat on.

Their goose is cooked.