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Augh 12 1
It hasn’t been our turn for quite a while. I didn’t mark it down, but I think the entire month of August thus far has been chemtrail free. After months of 5 or 6 days a week of coverage, that has been real refreshing.

But today they are back. At least two different planes were criss-crossing The Bitterroot with whatever the heck was on our prescription schedule today.

You can go to GlobalSkyWatch, ChemtrailsPlanet or other sites for more on what is being sprayed, and the effects on Earth and its inhabitants.

I knew as of Fri, 12 August 2016 09:48 AM that we were going to be targeted today. The sky to the north already had several passes dissipate into the gray-white striped haze common to their work. So I dashed inside, grabbed my camera and documented the change.

Augh 12 2These are un-retouched photos that present the colors exactly as the Canon camera saw them over a 3 1/2 hour period.

You can plainly see pieces of what the weather forecasters and reporters called “CLEAR” skies. Then there are the results of the geoengineers … saving the planet for cockroaches and the who-knows-what that will survive.

The third photo in this set, shot through the trees in the foreground, is particularly telling as the fresh chemtrail is laid out next to the prior one that has already begun to spread.

Keep in mind that the apologists claim these are normal vapor trails of ice crystals.

If so, they would return to the temperature-consistency, color-balance of the air around them rather quickly… sure as heck not spreading into a rainbow chemical haze that lasts the rest of the day.Augh 12 3

We had a houseguest over this morning. She wandered outside, curious about what I was photographing. I pointed out the telltale signatures of the spray planes. She was grateful for the insight and genuinely interested in further research.

I encourage you to take the same approach.

Begin by watching your sky.

It is rather obvious to me now. Maybe that takes practice, but I’m sure it does not require genius.

Look up.


When we are significant in number, we can shut this down.

Unless it is some magical Stupid-Spray and it gets us first.

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