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Who is filling your head?

passengersYour brain can be used for thinking; processing information from the world around you. OR you can just just sit, absorbing stuff other people put in your head.

In Jerry Mander’s (In the Absence of the Sacred, Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television) research he found that television/movie media came at the human brain too rapidly, relentlessly for the natural cognitive processes to analyze the data. He and his contemporaries used, and continue to use that fact to plant misinformation and marketing information in your head as if it were things you decided yourself.

Distraction, respite from thinking, artificial inputs are so ubiquitous in our society that we accept it as a normal state, and are uneasy in the natural world… we become restless without the flow of electrically-powered audio and audio-visual inputs.

Few of us know how to process in our heads any more.
Thinking, ruminating, and meditating in the natural world are uncommon.
The opiate of passively absorbing propaganda is too strong.old knudsen is a fat man

If it were easier to see, more obviously at a glance,
how many people would let their minds turn to flab?

If you were metaphorically turned inside out, how would you look?

I readily admit I could be far more fit physically and mentally…
better equipped for major changes in our world…
able to bicycle to town and back…
a regular yoga practitioner..
a better rifleman…
20 pounds lighter…
a better musician…
I am not saying I’m perfect, but I am quite amazed at how flabby the average mind is.

In a mirror most of us can find room for improvement in our physical appearance.
If you could see inside your brain,
would you start thinking about giving it some exercise?
… a better diet?

… or more pizza, beer, Hollywood culture and lamestream news?

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As Grace Slick wrote in 1966:
(listen to YouTube of White Rabbit)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Feed Your Head