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You’ll never guess what really, really important very big thing just happened

Journalism died.

American English died.

Style and class died.

This mini-rant brought to you by the common, modern, standard headline that tells you absolutely nothing about the article to follow. There is no enticement, not even sensationalism to attract legitimate readership.

This is primarily an Internet being, where anyone with a keyboard can become a publisher … whether they have anything to say or not.

Actually, now that I consider it a bit deeper, they are probably making it easier for us to avoid wasting time on poorly written articles by starting them off with lame headlines.

Journalism used to teach, preach and insist on three fundamental parts to every story.
Tell them what you are going to tell them.
Tell them.
Tell them what you told them.

I suppose if they have nothing to tell me I should just relax, appreciate their up front candor, and move on without a second thought.

Thank you all who have adopted the new standard.

It is still ugly and perverse